Annette Bening’s Captain Marvel Role Was Originally Written For A Man

Credit: Marvel Studios

Captain Marvel is showing up all the naysayers and trolls in the world in the most satisfying ways imaginable. The movie is already dominating the March box office, breaking records, and is the seventh highest MCU opening ever.

One of the more interesting parts of the film surrounds Annette Bening’s character, Doctor Wendy Lawson.

Now, we’ll be spoiling some secrets about Bening’s character. So please be warned of the SPOILERS for Captain Marvel.

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As it was revealed in the film, Bening’s character was a Kree defector who sided with the Skrulls in order to help them find a new home. Her name? Mar-Vell.

Now this is huge as in the comics, Mar-Vell is a man. In fact, many thought Jude Law would be playing the role in the upcoming film. Hell, even we at 4 Your Excitement thought this. While he did have part of Mar-Vell’s story with Carol (Brie Larson), giving her his blood, it was Bening’s character who ignited the means to give Carol her powers. And it is Bening’s Mar-Vell who Carol admires above all others.


It also is a smart move as it allows Carol to be her own character rather than gaining her powers from a man. A woman being Mar-Vell, however, wasn’t always the plan.

Directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck said that Mar-Vell being a woman came “fairly late” into the writing process. Or, as Boden puts it to Entertainment Weekly, “Too late in the process for comfort, to be perfectly honest!”

Marvel President Kevin Feige admitted that they “struggled” with casting Mar-Vell before the change. “We had already started some initial casting discussions for an actor, a male actor to play Mar-Vell. No one specific, but we’d started looking at lists. And we were struggling with it, frankly.”

It wasn’t until Boden and Fleck realized that they should combine the character with the Supreme Intelligence appearing as “the person one admires most” that it could help things along.

Boden said, “So it was a late-breaking idea, but something that I think helped pull those elements together in a way that it would’ve been hard to otherwise.”

Bening was always on the table with this change in idea for the directors. As Fleck said, “We’ve just been big fans of her for a long time, and she’s got all those qualities. She’s got the great mentor quality that we were looking for in that character, but she can also be really tough, and that was really necessary for both aspects. She can be regal, which was perfect for the Supreme Intelligence, and she can also just be casual and cool and laid back, which was necessary for Lawson.”

Captain Marvel is currently in theatres.

Bec Heim