An Anti-Alien Rally Causes Everyone To “Stand And Deliver” On Supergirl

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Welcome back, Supergirl fans!

Last week, Lockwood was made the Alien Affairs Secretary by President Baker. That’s not the only weird thing going on with the President. Without involving the DEO or Colonel Haley, Baker commissioned a satellite that would shoot down alien ships that went into orbit. (God what did Marsden see in this asshat?)

Kara, meanwhile, dealt with a new threat. Manchester Black has busted out of prison and put together the Elite. They are on a racist spree-killing to show that they refuse to accept those politics. If it’s a fight they want, then the Elite will deliver. Kara, Brainy, Nia, and J’onn all stood against them. Kara even stopped Manchester from blowing up the White House (though she did blow up the satellite). But she is going to make her own path. Also (still-mindwiped) Alex’s relationship with Supergirl gets a little less frosty with the two of them finding common ground in having to trust your instincts.

Let’s see what happens next, shall we?

Rising: The Elite head to their latest job with Menagerie making plans to freelance. She runs into Kara and Nia, but J’onn surprises her with a punch to the face. Nia is still finding her footing. J’onn gets real scary with Menagerie, dang. Lockwood makes an acceptance speech for the nomination as Director of Alien Affairs. Kara, unfortunately, saves Lockwood’s life from the Elite. She doesn’t look too thrilled by it. James calls Eve in to ask a few questions about LCorp’s black budget. Eve promises to talk with Lena about showing James the budget, saying its to shield their proprietary research. Haley and Lena are feeling the tension over the serum as well. Eve tries to tell Lena about what happened. Kara and J’onn can’t find the Elite, but deliver Menagerie to the DEO. Alex, unfortunately, gets assigned to Lockwood’s security detail for the time being. Ugh.

Hostile: Alex rankles over the orders to protect Ben Lockwood. Haley says that if Alex has an issue doing her job then she can take it up with the President. Nia tries to search the dreamscape. Kara asks J’onn about his feelings over the Elite. J’onn says that Manchester pushes his buttons in the worst way. He feels like he can lose control. Alex will do her job, but she makes it clear she doesn’t like Lockwood. At the press conference, he announces his desire to repeal the Alien Amnesty Act. He wants to send the aliens back to their home planets and announces a rally. Nia says that her dream shows the Elite returning to the scene of the crime. Haley sends Brainy to research someone called AmericanAlien who is organizing a peaceful protest. She wants to make sure any extremists won’t show up. Brainy looks a bit shifty over finding the poster. They find a piece of the Morai’s claw. Meanwhile, the Elite head to the Fortress of Solitude.

Tensions: Alex tells Kara about her latest assignment. She’s having a crisis of conscience over protecting Lockwood. Like it or not, protecting Lockwood would keep people safe. Alex and Kara have dinner together. Manchester and Hat are looking for something that will destroy Kara and Lockwood. The two are having some disagreements over their “changing the world” mission. Manchester asks Hat to back him up over taking out Lockwood. Manchester tosses Hat out of the Elite. J’onn and Nia bolster each other’s powers as Nia sees the Elite break-in. J’onn, Kara, and Nia head to the Fortress to stop them. J’onn corners Manchester while Kara and Nia stop the Morai. Manchester opens the door to…well some kind of Eldritch horror. Based on the bright light and the tentacle like appendages, I think it’s a Sun Eater.

Protest: Brainy cannot find AmericanAlien. Haley wants to put agents on the ground and Brainy is reluctant to do so. She assigns him to the task, telling him to coordinate with Alex. J’onn, Nia, and Kara are having a hard time believing that’s it for Manchester. It’s confirmed that it is a Sun Eater. J’onn feels like a weight has been lifted. At Catco, James gives a pep talk to Frank, the Dryad journalist, and offers to come as a photographer to cover the March. Brainy comes over to J’onn’s office. He reveals that he is AmericanAlien to Kara, asking for her to come to the March and reminds her “stronger together”. Kara is reluctant, but Brainy reminds Kara she is a citizen of Earth. Lockwood’s rally begins as does the protest outside. She sees the man that she saved earlier with Lockwood. He, however, sees a difference between her and them. Lockwood starts whipping his audience into the frenzy chanting “us or them”. Kara and Nia both join the march as peaceful marchers. Lockwood declares this an “act of species wide sabotage”. Alex declares Lockwood the threat and escorts him off stage, quietly of course. Manchester, surprisingly, isn’t dead and they are going with Hat’s plan. Manchester appears declaring that it is time to “take them to the slaughter”.

Boiling Point: People run out of the event. The anti-alien and pro-alien marchers are fighting. Nia and Brainy are left to handle the rally while it’s J’onn vs Manchester. Brainy finds Hat first and lays the beatdown on him. It allows Kara to arrest Hat. Brainy sees the chaos surrounding him. Alex takes out aggressors as she comes across them. Nia saves Frank from a member of the Children of Liberty. J’onn pokes at the wound of Fiona. Manchester says that maybe J’onn needs to lose more to understand him. It turns out that Manchester almost had J’onn kill another member of the Children of Liberty with a hologram. The guy from earlier watches the chaos as heroes both caped and otherwise emerge. James takes pictures as the police arrive. The guy from earlier, who shouting racist remarks, helps someone up and thanks Kara. Kara and Alex meet each other’s eyes and share a moment.

After: Other protests went well, even if the National City one went bust. The protests have Lockwood and the Preisdent taking a step back from the repeal of the Alien Amnesty Act. Haley thought Alex was a good soldier yesterday. Brainy and Alex don’t know what to make of Haley’s praise of them. Neither do I. She goes to see Lena to show her James’ picture. She tells Lena that time seems to be on her side for the moment. There is a civil war brewing, Haley can feel it. J’onn resumes the search for Manchester, declaring that he is going to find him “like a Manhunter”. Kara enjoys hearing how Alex strong-armed Lockwood. She was inspired by the protest to follow her beliefs. They can only hope the good guys will win in the end. James heads out, but then he is shot in the back.

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