4 Your Consideration: How Jane The Virgin’s Season Premiere Takes Telenovela Tropes To A New Level

Credit: CW

Last night, Jane the Virgin premiered its final season. The episode was directed by Gina Rodriguez, and not only did she do a completely magnificent job running the show, but in character as Jane, she was PERFECT.

After the season four finale revealed that Michael was alive, the season five premiere picked up right where the finale ended: with Michael (now Jason—long story) standing in Rafael’s doorway with Jane, gaping in utter shock. And then, she passed out, because who wouldn’t? Her husband has been supposedly dead for four years.

As Jane processes the return of her late husband—how many husbands come back from the dead?—she attempts to make sense of the nonsense in a seven-minute long monologue, which Rodriguez absolutely kills as both actress/director. (I’ve watched the YouTube clip of this seven-minute monologue at least five times and I swear it keeps getting better.)

During her rant, while partially pantless/partially shoveling arepas in her mouth, Jane attempts to navigate the return of Michael, who now goes by Jason, after receiving electroshock therapy and developing amnesia as a result of it. The culprit behind Michael/Jason’s amnesia—and disappearance—is none other than Sin Rostro.

We cannot forget that amnesia is a major telenovela trope…and now, the love triangle between Jane, Rafael, and Michael/Jason is in full force. Will Jane and Rafael finally get together? Undetermined at present.

Jane the Virgin has successfully undertaken the telenovela and played with its tropes for four seasons now, and now, in the final season, all of the stops will no doubt be pulled out.