Yara Shahidi Falls In Love Over 24 Hours In The Sun Is Also A Star Trailer

Credit: Warner Bros

Love will always be a topic mined for some pretty great stories. At the same time, love isn’t the only thing in the world, especially when a person has some very real concerns.

To Yara Shahidi’s (grownish) character Natasha Kingsley, she would rather focus on reality than the sort of love swooned over in 90s rom-coms. They’re definitely something that feels so far removed from her present reality, it’s not even funny.

In the trailer for The Sun Is Also A Star, she agrees to give love a chance though. Or, at least, she agrees to give the possibility of love a chance. When poet Daniel Bae (Riverdale‘s Charles Melton) challenges her to give him 24 hours to woo her, she agrees. Thus begins a love story set across the backdrop of New York City.

Of course, love never does run smooth. While Bae is focused on college, Kingsley stares down the very real possibility of being deported back to Jamaica with her parents.

Shahidi talked with PEOPLE about the timeliness of the film’s immigration topics.

“We’ve also witnessed on a regular basis that there has never been a moment in which people of immigrant families have had the peace of mind that where they’re going they’re able to call home. And because of that, it was really important that this storyline was made so serious and taken as seriously as the love story itself. It is not peripheral to the storyline.”

Based on the trailer, which you can check out below, Melton and Shahidi have some serious chemistry to burn. It’s definitely a love story that will have us reaching for our tissues. We can tell.

The Sun Is Also A Star hits theatres May 17th.

Bec Heim