Trolls Left Negative Rotten Tomatoes Reviews On Unreleased Captain Marvel – Without Success

Credit: Marvel Studios

You know that when the misogynists and bigots come out to play, it’s because they’re angry – and nothing makes them angrier than women dominating in a “traditionally male” environment.

Enter Captain Marvel. We are only a few days away from the release of Marvel’s first solo female-lead superhero film (only took em ten years), which will hit cinemas in both the US and the UK on March 8th.

Ahead of its release, angry men have taken over the comment section of movie-rating platform Rotten Tomatoes to express their disappointment in a film they have yet to see.  A lot of them claim to have been put off the film by lead actress Brie Larson herself over an interview published by Marie Claire.

In it the hero-to-be claims that the critics reviewing the film during her press tour where “overwhelmingly white male”, which sadly, is a well-known fact. As a reaction to that she wanted to make her press days more inclusive and asked for more a more marginalized crowd, especially women of color to be included.

Some Rotten Tomatoes users have taken this to mean that the film isn’t meant for white men to enjoy, and started flooding the Captain Marvel reviews with negative comments. “Larson has made it clear…men need not attend this movie”, a gentleman called Joseph writes, while a fella named Justin is “not interested in supporting Brie Larson’s agenda.”

Actual reviews have yet to be published on the platform, but currently only 55% of RT users “Want To See” Captain Marvel. Meanwhile, critics who had the pleasure of seeing actual previews of the film have been largely positive.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have seen this before. When Wonder Woman was first released into cinemas, too many misogynistic trolls tried to come for it, and it still ended up being one of the most successful AND critically acclaimed super heroes movies of all time. So no need to panic.

In fact, as per Hollywood Reporter, ticket pre-sales for Captain Marvel have already surpassed both those of Aquaman and Wonder Woman, and is forecast to open at 100-120 Million USD.

I for one have already booked my ticket to see it. Haters gonna hate.

Captain Marvel opens in theatres March 8th.

Verena Cote
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