This Week Team Arrow Goes On The Hunt For The “Star City Slayer”

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Far be it from Arrow to reserve major character milestones and story arcs for premieres, finales, or May sweeps! This week’s episode titled the “Star City Slayer” (which sadly has nothing to do with Buffy) reunites us with one of Oliver’s previous acquaintances and drops the one or the other bombshell on us.

Over the past few days almost every member of the newly re-assembled Team Arrow has receive threatening notes, and they realize that everyone has been targeted. Shortly after, one of Diaz’s goons who got out of jail early is found with a slit throat and a similar note on his bedside.

More dead bodies have turned up with similar notes and a surprisingly high amount of magnesium in their blood, so the team knows they have a serial killer on their hands. Curtis, John, Rene and Dinah track down the drug the killer used to immobilize his victims to an abandoned apartment, where they come face to face with Stanley, who describes himself as Oliver’s best friend.

Stanley attacks Dinah and slits her throat, but the team can save her at the last second thanks to some of Curtis’s technology. The team is able to get her to the hospital, but the doctors say there might be permanent damage to her vocal cords.

Stanley’s real target wasn’t the team though, but Oliver. Oliver, Felicity and William all lose the ability to move during dinner, which is when Stanley appears. He claims to be Oliver’s best friend and has only helped him get rid of the people that are no good for him. He threatens to kill Felicity and William if Oliver doesn’t form a new team with him. Stanley opens up about suffering abuse as a child and killing his own brother, and how he has to correct bad behaviour in the world.

Through minimal movements William is able to move a glass bottle towards his father, who then disarms Stanley and knocks him out until help arrives. The police is able to return Stanley to Slabside, and after the Queen family’s blood has been tested, they are cleared to return home.

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In addition to the constant threat of death Oliver and Felicity are struggling to get through to William, who begrudgingly admits that he got expelled from school for getting in a fight. The boy is acting out because of his father’s choice to go to prison and, as he puts it, abandon his family in the process.

Things become even more complicated when William gets his maternal grandparents involved, who threaten Oliver and Felicity with a custody battle. They claim the couple are unfit to be William’s guardians due to their lifestyle.

After a fight with William in which the boy says he wants a normal life and to stay with his grandparents, Oliver decides to put his son’s needs first. He allows William to make his own decision, even though it breaks his heart.

Just as William bids his goodbye to his father and step mother, Felicity received a phone call from Dr. Schwartz, who lets her in on a little secret – Felicity’s blood tests have revealed that she is pregnant.

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Curtis opens up to John about a job offer out of D.C., to create technology which will help humanity. ARGUS follows this up with a promotion on their end, and offer Curtis the position of Head of Science and Technology.

Ultimately, Curtis decides that his values and ARGUS’ don’t align. He accepts the offer on the East Coast. He offers a teary goodbye to his friends, and tells Felicity he has transferred full ownership of Helix to her, before setting off for a new adventure. See you soon, friend.

In the flash forward, we see William and the team face a dead end with the Archer program. They make their way to the old Foundry in the hope of finding answers. There they are taken down by Mia and Connor, who threaten death should William not hand over the access codes to Archer.

Mia claims Felicity is alive, and she needs Archer to find her. A battle ensues, and when William is faced with the opportunity to kill Mia, he hesitates. The woman reveals that her full name is Mia Smoak, and she is his sister.


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Well, we all saw this coming didn’t we? It was only a matter of time until Arrow would go down the baby route for Oliver and Felicity, especially considering they were already working with an ongoing story line set in the future.

While Katherine McNamara is honestly a great fit for the daughter of the Queen couple, we cannot ignore the obvious casting flaws in the flash forwards. If Mia is meant to be Oliver and Felicity’s daughter, born in late 2019, with William already around 12 or 13 years old, and John Diggle Jr./Connor approximately 5 or 6 years old, how come they all look the same age (early to mid-20s) in the flash forward.

This is something that cannot be unseen and it angers me on a show like Arrow, which has always been outstanding for its casting choices. This is a gross oversight. Even if one was to judge the ages of the characters leniently, Mia cannot be younger than 17 or 18, which would make William around 30/31 and Connor around 23/24.  Yet we are meant to believe they all look the same age?! Hell to the nah.

Felicity’s pregnancy will, of course, be the mother of all story lines this season. It will guide us through the final half of season seven and then, just in time for the season eight premiere, there’s a little baby girl to celebrate. But this is Arrow, and things won’t go smoothly. They never do.

The other big bomb dropped on us is Curtis’ farewell. It would be a lie to say you haven’t seen this coming. ‘New’ Team Arrow has started running its course. With him the only member not involved in the flash forwards, it was a given that he would eventually find a better place for himself.  He has now left Helix with Felicity, who will use it to create great things. We will miss him, for sure, but Curtis Holt was always meant to be the hero of his own story, not someone’s sidekick.

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Favorite Lines:

Mia: Alright, William, what the hell are you even doing here?
William: Funny, I was just about to ask you the same thing.
Mia: Ooh, is that a backbone I’m seeing?

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