The Shadowhunters Season 3B Trailer Is Finally Here

Credit: Freeform

“It feels good to be back”.

However, the return certainly has a bittersweet feel to it.

Shadowhunters fans have been eager for the first look at the upcoming second half to the series’ third season, but there’s also a feeling of dread as it also marks its end. While this has made the anticipation of what the cast and crew will deliver us over the next 12 episode, when the first trailer finally dropped, it certainly lived up to expectation.

Yesterday (January 31) Freeform released the long-awaited preview and it doesn’t hold any punches. Picking up from where we left off in the midseason finale, the trailer opens with Clary finally coming face-to-face with her brother Jonathan (now played by Luke Baines). And yes, for skeptical ones among us, it is the real Jonathan this time. However, it is far from a lovely family reunion. Instead Jonathan is trying to seduce her over to the dark side. For two and a half seasons Clary has resisted this pull – from the fake Jonathan’s, from her father, from the possessed Jace – but could her brother be her tipping point? The trailer certainly teases at this. But that’s not the only drama found in the trailer. Not by a long shot.

There’s trouble among the werewolves with things going down for Luke and Maya, “there darkness is growing”, and I’m not too sure I like what appears to befall Magnus and Simon. This final season is going to put our emotions through the wringer.

Thankfully, there’s some light among all this dark. We got to see some beautiful scenes with our favourite couples: Magnus and Alec (Malec) partake in some dancing, there is a romantic promise between Clary and Jace (Clace) and was that a hint at a Simon and Izzy kiss? Be still our beating hearts.

Our wait comes to an end on Monday February 25 when season 3B premiers on Freeform and Netflix. Until then, check out the trailer below.

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