The Pierces Struggle With The World Around Them In “The Book of Secrets: Chapter Two: Just and Unjust” On Black Lightning

Credit: The CW

Black Lightning’s back!

Last week, it was a slower and somber episode for the Pierce family. They went to the hospital to spend time with Khalil in what would ultimately be his final hours. During the course of which Jenn would lose control over her powers, Lynn would try to save Khalil’s life, Jefferson would make a promise to take care of Tobias. In his final moments, Khalil and Jenn shared a mind meld thanks to Perenna and said their goodbyes. Also Jefferson told Henderson the truth about Gambi so that they can team up to take Tobias down legally.

Tobias, meanwhile, has been a very busy bee as well. Using Todd, he was able to get Doctor Jace out to meet with him. (Jace was the one who gave Tobias the anti-aging serum and has been taking it herself.) The plan? Free the Masters of Disaster from underneath the clinic. He also had Cutter induce a heart attack in Reverend Holt while the man was giving a sermon. The episode ends with Tobias looking way too pleased with the situation.

Let’s see what happens next, shall we?

Heartbreak: Lynn and Anissa try to figure out what to do with Jenn, who wants some space. Anissa thinks they need to give Jenn space, but Lynn wants to be there for Jenn. Anissa suggests that maybe the girls know what’s best for them. Then Anissa is shot and Lynn is almost taken by mystery gunmen. The ASA handles everything with a scary efficiency. Lynn calls Jefferson who tells her to take to the tunnels. Jenn sits in vigil with Nichelle, Khalil’s mom, but her powers act up a little. She goes to leave and Nichelle reveals that she’s struggling to pay rent and the funeral. Gambi reveals Odell has probably had Lynn under surveillance for a while and is sweeping for listening devices. There’s a chance that Odell hasn’t learned the Pierce family secret. He thinks that rather than Jefferson lighting him up that Lynn should talk with him. It’s a tactic Lynn agrees with.

Heat: Lynn questions Odell over why he has her under surveillance. He makes it clear that he knows that she’s not being honest with him. He does not like it. Todd brings Tobias his report: the pods have been moved and are functioning. Anissa fumbles with her bandage when Jenn finds her. Anissa tells Jenn what happened, who is freaked out because Lynn is the only non-powered member of her family. She’s still hurting over Khalil. Anissa offers her advice to Jenn: pain doesn’t make you weak and loss makes you appreciate. Jenn needs to feel this way. Jenn tells Anissa that Khalil’s mother can’t pay for his funeral. Lynn and Jefferson talk about Jenn and their concerns. She wants vengeance in her grief. Jefferson thinks Jenn needs something to focus on. Lynn suggests bringing Jenn back into school, make her normal. (Now we’re seeing how the marriage broke apart the first time.) Jenn comes to see her parents, makes her desire for revenge clear. Jeff tells Jenn that she needs to get a handle on herself before going after Tobias.

Hidden:  Odell goes to visit Jace in her cell. The people who tried to jump Lynn are the Markovians. Since they couldn’t get Lynn, they’ll try to get Jace. Odell offers a deal: move the pod kids and she will be relocated. Jace, however, says that they need her and Lynn in order to move the kids safely. Jeff goes to see Lynn over her earlier comments. Lynn doesn’t want to talk about it and Jeff lets it go. Lynn makes it clear that she has regrets, but he is never one of them. The pair reaffirm their love and Jeff heads to bed. Anissa returns to work at the clinic where she meets Monique, no last name, who has been beaten. Monique gives the classic answer of falling down the stairs when Anissa asks about her injuries. Anissa cannot get anything out the other woman. The nurse tells Anissa that they don’t log Monique in because she’s with a high-up in The 100 so they can all live. Perenna heads to the car when the Markovians jump her and she uses her powers. She gets away because Perenna is a badass.

Here: Jenn returns to the new Garfield High, complete with metal detectors. The students and teachers are pleased to see her return. Grace sleeps on the couch as Anissa lets herself in and kisses her awake. Anissa finds out that there are Black Lightning and Thunder comics. Jenn sees a memorial set up for Khalil. Anissa goes to Monique’s boyfriend’s place and starts to beat on the people there. Apparently, she’s getting the name of “The Blackbird”. Anissa roughs him up and tells him that she better not to come back here. She then fights her out. Anissa? She does play. Of course, she wasn’t expecting mace. It loses her advantage for a couple of moments, until she regains it. Jenn finds the janitors taking down the memorial to Khalil at Lowry’s orders. She needs to get control of her powers. Anissa wakes up to Gambi’s voice and a cup of tea. Anissa feels horrible at her latest brush of death. Gambi tells Anissa that she needs to prioritize her safety. At the school, Jenn makes a new memorial to Khalil. She also gets to call out Lowry to an assembly of students with cellphones. She may have been escorted off campus, but well she’s sparked something in them all. It’s hard for Lowry to stop that. Lynn, meanwhile, is pissed that Jace has been brought back and is moving the pod kids. Anissa drops off money to pay for Khalil’s funeral. Gambi turns Jeff onto the Markovian activities and hideout, which leads Jeff to assault the place. Jeff calls Henderson, saying that he’s bringing someone in as he drags Yuri out.

Honor: Anissa and the nurse watch as Monique’s boyfriend is wheeled out of his first surgery. When he gets home, Monique will be gone. Jeff goes to see Lowry about what happened with Jenn, who reveals his tragic past and cries reverse racism. Jeff points out that while Lowry’s past is tragic, he will always get a benefit of the doubt for his race. Anissa and Grace have a walk in the park when whatever is going with Grace’s body starts acting up. Anissa invites her to meet her parents, but Grace leaves. Todd, meanwhile, brings Tobias news about the Masters of Disaster, they were covert black operatives who committed war crimes.

Holy: Khalil’s funeral is a small and quiet affair all around. Jefferson gets a message from Henderson about the Markovian driver. Jenn refuses to get out of the car, nearing some kind of a breakdown. Jeff tells that she is a still a Pierce and they say yes. They are loyal to those they love and do not give up on those people or themselves. Nichelle weeps over her son’s casket and it is one of the most heartbreaking sights. Jenn takes a place behind Nichelle, who holds Jenn’s hand as the Pierce family stands behind her. Anissa goes to Grace’s apartment to find the closet cleaned out and her missing. Tobias goes to a creepy underground lair where Todd asks if he’s sure about it. Todd is having a hard time figuring out the older models of the pods. Tobias decides to bring in Jace rather than “cancel” her. Jenn stands over Khalil’s casket and promises that they will pay. In the distance, Odell watches.

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