The DC TV Mix: 4YE’s Post Show Chat On Arrow, Black Lightning, And The Flash

Hello DC TV fans! Welcome back to another week of 4 Your Excitement‘s The DC TV Mix.

Every week, we discuss the highs and lows of the CW line-up of DC TV shows: Arrow, Black Lightning, The Flash, Supergirl, and Legends Of Tomorrow. So if you’re a fan of all five of these shows, then definitely give us a listen.

This week, following an unexpected week off, we talk about how Arrow did a proper milestone episode without a crossover getting in the way, how The Flash‘s Grant Gustin should embrace his dark side, and Black Lightning making us cry both in the intended and unintended sense. Since we had internet issues last week, we also give a shout-out to Nicole Maines over on Supergirl because girl slayed and deserves her props.


The DC TV Mix is presented by Editor-In-Chief (plus Legends of Tomorrow recapper) Erika Rivera and Senior Editor (plus The Flash, Black Lightning, and Supergirl recapper) Bec Heim.

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Bec Heim

Senior Editor at 4YE
Rebecca "Bec" Heim is the Senior Editor for 4YE. She has a BA in English Literature from the University of Scranton. She also has an MA in Film-Radio-Television from Syracuse University and an MFA in Screenwriting from Boston University. She enjoys reading through her ever growing mountain of books, talking way too much about superheroes, and trying to reach transcendental state.
Bec Heim