Nora Deals With Consequences Of Time Travel In “Cause And XS” On The Flash

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Flash fans!

Last week, we got a genuine tense episode where Barry and Ralph went deep undercover with the bad guys while Iris broke into Cicada’s house. Also Nora distracted Sherloque from investigating her with the Earth-1 version of his ex-wife (which worked as she is a meta and therefore a Cicada target). Barry and Ralph tried to buy a black-market device that’ll immbolize Cicada long enough for the meta cure to take effect. Due to shenanigans and some genuinely clever fight sequences, it didn’t happen.

Iris, however, learned Cicada’s true weakness: knives shoved into his still open chest wound. It’s generally a weakness that most people have.

This week, Nora is stuck in her own private Groundhog Day hell. Considering the last time she time travelled, she ended up creating two generations of metahuman serial killers? It’s not that surprising this was going to happen. No one is good with time travel in the Arrowverse. It’s a rule.

Let’s see where we go from here, shall we?

The First Time Around: Cisco is in the Iceman’s lab, looking at photographs that Kamilla took. He also has finished synthesizing the first metahuman cure. He then gets some kind of alarm on his computer, which has him bummed. His informs Team Flash that they have a 29-day window before they can use the cure. Caitlin agrees that they need to wait. Sherloque suggests taking the compound into a Speed Force so it can act as a catalyst to finish the process. Cisco calls it “nuking it in a pan-dimensional microwave”. It goes from 29-days to 60 minutes. Nora is worried about Barry going incommunicado for an hour. Barry tells her to trust herself and “slow down, think clearly”. Ralph brings Cisco, The Book of Ralph, so they can focus on Love before his date. Team Flash divides, leaving Cisco and Nora with Ralph. He cyber-stalked Kamilla, whose type of guy is usually not Cisco. He gets in Cisco’s head enough that he grabs the photos. Iris works late at Central City Picture News when she sees Cicada behind her, who knocks her out before she hits the button. Cisco shows up a little late to his date in a suit. He’s totally crashing and burning. Iris wakes up tied to a chair as Orlin menaces her. He declares that he’s going to beat all of them. The distress call goes out from Iris’ phone, which Cicada has. His dagger boomerangs into Caitlin’s back which has Nora running back in time to stop it.

Do-Over 1: Nora, quietly, freaks out over what just happened. She goes to stop her mom from leaving, babbling a bit to get Iris to stay. Cisco, meanwhile, seems to be taking on a different style of each guy that Kamilla dates. Ralph, at his office, realizes Cicada is in the building, who comes to kill Ralph for being a meta. Cisco’s other attempt at copying one of Kamila’s exes goes just as bad as the first time around. Cicada does his little villain schtick to Ralph, declaring that he will beat them tonight. Cisco touches Kamilla’s hand, getting a vibe of the waitresses saying “the men in this city”. The distress beacon comes in as Nora and Caitlin arrive as Cicada does his boomerang trick. This time Ralph gets stabbed. Nora runs back in time again.

Do-Over 2: Nora’s shakiness is noted more by Sherloque this time around. She gets Iris to stay by saying the team leader should be close by just in case. Ralph stays with promises of brownies. Cisco grabs the pictures of the exes, which leads him to get more deja-vu vibes of recent previous timelines. Sherloque goes to Iris’ office to do some investigating on Nora’s weirdness. That’s when Cicada shows up, making Sherloque realize what happened. Cisco’s latest attempt to emulate Kamila’s exes is…scarf wearing douchebag. Dude, just be yourself. He keeps getting deja-vu on previous bad dates. Cisco realizes something bad is happening with the timeline. Nora goes to handle Cicada alone. This time, however, Cisco is the one who gets stabbed. Nora scares Cisco name and yells, “why can’t I fix this”.

Do-Overs 3-52: Nora speeds everyone into the lounge where she begs them to stay put for one hour. Everyone starts to leave to go do their own stuff when Cisco gets a deja-vu vibe again. Nora gets firm, asking them to just stay put. Cicada goes to Iris’ office and sees a picture of Joe and Cecile. Kamilla gets stood-up by Cisco and the Cecile alert goes off. This time Cecile dies and Nora goes back again. She keeps trying and trying and trying, but they keep failing. She has a break-down when she runs into Ralph. She goes into the Speed Force to get to Barry, but cannot enter. Team Flash realizes that Nora has been reversing time. Nora solemnly says that she can’t fix it.

The Last One: Nora tells everyone what’s been happening for the past however many hours. Ralph believes it’s a fixed point like the Legends said. Nora says that nothing she’s done works. She runs off to the basement, looking through the journal. Cisco joins Nora in the Pipeline where he shares what happened with Eobard and the emergence of his powers. He tells her that sometimes they fail because they’re so worried about not failing. Cisco tells her that he learned to just be himself. Nora relaxes enough to realize that they know every move. This time they have enough data to make it right. They realize that if Nora slows down time, then they could stop Cicada and live through the night. Cicada arrives for the fifty-third time. His dagger starts to vibrate and he finds Iris waiting for him on the roof. She declares that tonight they win. The dagger arrives and Nora is able to slow down time enough to push Cicada into the path of his dagger. He leaves.

Renew: Cicada is not emitting any dark matter and is licking his wounds. Nora and Caitlin gently encourage Cisco to go to Kamilla. Barry returns with the cooked meta cure and very, very confused. Cisco arrives for his date with Kamilla, who wins her over by being himself. He asks if they could have do-over and Kamilla agrees to it. Nora and Barry talk about her adventures in fixing the timeline. Barry reminds her that there are consequences to time travel. He’s experienced pretty much all of them. He demonstrates how multiple attempts of breaking and fixing the timeline could never make things whole. Barry tells her no one can change time and know all the consequences. They’re not gods. Sherloque runs the symbols and his new understanding of them through a translation matrix. In 2049, Nora arrives at Iron Heights to talk with Thawne, asking that they are not making this worse. Thawne, angry, says he’s the only one who knows what he’s doing. She needs to follow his instructions, but it doesn’t look like Nora entirely believes him.

Bec Heim