New Movie Photos Suggest Happier Times at Downton Abbey

Credit: ITV

If, like us here at 4YE, you are anxiously waiting for the Downton Abbey movie to hit cinemas later this year, we have some goodies to share with you.

It’s been just over three years since we said goodbye to the upstairs and downstairs folk in Downton Abbey and we are anxiously awaiting the fate that has befallen our favourite characters since we last saw them. How is Lady Mary coping in her marriage to Henry Talbot? Has Lady Edith and her daughter Marigold adjusted to their new life as ladies of a great house? Have Bates and Anna finally been given a reprieve from drama? And how is retirement suiting Carson?

Well we got a quick snapshot that goes some way in answering these questions in a Valentine’s Day treat courtesy of Entertainment Weekly and the official Downton Abbey twitter account. To celebrate the holiday, they shared with us six new images from the film providing us with some idea of what we can expect sitting in the cinema come September. This was perfectly captioned by the Downton Abbey twitter which read, “Are you ready to fall in love with Downton all over again?” We certainly are!

Picking up 18 months from when we last saw them, the feature-length film promises to deliver plenty of glitz, glamour, and splendor that we associate with the Crawley family, and plenty of brilliant put-downs and one-liners as in one pic we get to see the Dowager Countess looking quite spritely still. However, this is Downton and while everyone does appear in high spirits and enjoying themselves, there’s sure to be a number of bumps in the road.

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The Downton Abbey movie is scheduled to be released September 20.

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