Logan Goes To The Bayou In Wolverine: The Lost Trail Podcast Trailer

Credit: Marvel

Logan (Richard Armitage) returns in the second season of Marvel’s Wolverine podcast. While Wolverine: The Long Night focused on outsiders looking in at the character in small town Alaska, Wolverine: The Long Trail has the grouchy mutant in the thick of it.

The trailer has been released for the project. It definitely promises a sense of atmospheric mystery which permeated the first season of the podcast.

Returning to Louisiana in order to investigate the disappearance of his lover, Logan finds himself quickly embroiled into a greater conspiracy. Humans and mutants alike are disappearing in New Orleans. Now Logan must embark on an “epic quest” into the bayou with a young boy to investigate the clues.

Along the way, the unlikely duo encounter biker gangs, Cajun thieves (Hell yeah, we get Gambit!), and “a world of wonders that defies explanation”. It eventually will lead them to a safe place called Greenhaven, run by Jason Wyngarde.

Name sound familiar? It’s because Wyngarde is the X-Men villain known as Mastermind, who can alter memories and create illusions. Needless to say, it sounds like Logan may not be able to trust his own mind.

Wolverine: The Lost Trail will premiere its 10-episode second season on Stitcher Premium on March 25th. It will then be available on other audio platforms later this year. If we’re going on the same release schedule as Wolverine: The Long Night, then probably sometime in Fall 2019.

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