Legion Boss Noah Hawley On Why Series Is Ending With Season 3 And Tackling Professor X

Credit: FX

Legion is drawing to a close. FX confirmed this week that the X-Men show would air its final season this year and there’s would introduce Professor X to the series.

While fans may be sad to say goodbye to FX’s trippy mutant drama, creator Noah Hawley said it’s all part of his plan. When the show was renewed for a third season in June 2018, there was no word from FX about it being the final season.

Hawley told TVLine that was always his intention. “I feel like the most powerful version of the story is the most concise version of the story.” It’s a refreshing attitude for a show creator, particularly when you look around at the mass of TV shows that stick around long past their prime.

“I think endings are what give stories meaning,” Hawley reportedly said at the Television Critics Association winter press tour. “I always thought about this as a complete story with a beginning, middle and end, and it felt like a three-act story, and so this just felt like the natural place to end it.”

If you’re going to conclude your X-Men show, why not do it while also introducing one of the biggest X-Men of all time? There has been talk in the past about including Charles Xavier aka Professor X on Legion. He is, after all, David Haller’s (Dan Stevens) father. His arrival may lend some stability to the often-shaky David. Actor Harry Lloyd, known for his role as Viserys on Game of Thrones, will play Professor X, and Stephanie Corneliussen will play David’s mother, Gabrielle.

“David is an adopted boy who needs to know who he really is, so we’re definitely going to tell that story,” Hawley said. “We’ll meet them in the third hour this year.”

If, like me, you think Lloyd seems a little young to be playing Xavier, remember that time is more wibbly wobbly in the X-Men universe than possibly any other fictional universe. We may see Xavier and Gabrielle in flashbacks or alternate timestreams.

That said, I am somewhat disappointed to not see Sir Patrick Stewart return to the role of Professor X. Although he retired the role in Logan, Stewart had previously commented to Stevens that he’d be up for playing Xavier on Legion.

Legion will also welcome another new cast member, Lauren Tsai, in season three. She plays the mutant Switch, who David meets at a commune where he’s trying to calm his mind and soak up positive energy. About Switch, Hawley said, “She has this ability to travel in time, so she finds her way to David,” who, in fact, “has a plan that he needs a time traveler for, and that’s basically our jumping-off point.”

The third and final season of Legion is set to air in 2019 on FX.

Stephanie Coats