Jennifer Goes On A Revenge Quest In “The Book Of Secrets: Chapter Three: Pillar Of Fire” On Black Lightning

Credit: The CW

Black Lightning’s back!

Last week, we dealt with some of the fallout from Khalil’s death. Anissa donned her “Blackbird” attire in order to get money to pay for his funeral and exact revenge on a domestic abuser. She did get overwhelmed and maced, which did lead her to question some things. She and Grace also broke up because of Grace’s still unknown (to Anissa) and unexplained (to the audience) condition. Jenn tried to return to school, but ran afoul of Lowry. When Lowry had her suspended, he cried reverse racism to Jefferson. Can Lowry go away?

The Markovians want people who are studying metas and tried to kidnap Lynn. Lucky for her Odell has been following her and still doesn’t trust her. Tobias decides to bring Jace on full time in order to bring out the Masters of Disaster from their pods.

Let’s see what happens next, shall we?

Light It Up: Gambi is checking out Jenn’s energy readings. With fifty percent capacity, she is giving out more energy than a nuclear explosion. Jefferson is a little freaked out by that. Add in Jenn’s emotional turmoil, he’s not sure if she can keep her powers in check. Jenn also knows how to read lips and is super impressed by that vote of confidence. Odell arrives to talk with Lynn with a very generous research offer. Lynn, however, wants answers. Odell gives her a bit of information: Markovia’s meta program. They want her to make an army of metas with Lynn’s stabilization procedure. Every meta in Freeland is in danger because to Markovia you are with or against them. Lynn agrees to help with the pod kids, but she wants Jace away from her. Anissa goes to Grace’s apartment to figure out where she went. She finds a tooth(?). Henderson takes Gambi to the hidden room where the Masters of Disaster pods are. Gambi concurs that they may be pods and a purple residue on the floor was slightly radioactive. Cutter brings Tobias news from Jace, a serum brings them out. She sends one for Tobias to remain useful along with a watch to control them. Tobias makes his first choice: Marcus Bishop who can control and emit vibrations. Marcus tries to escape and has a fight with Cutter as Tobias watches. Tobias is pleased by the powers displayed.

Newsworthy: Jefferson’s friend comes to see him to talk about Lowry. Apparently, the video of Jenn’s sit-in went viral. It doesn’t look good for Lowry at all. The board is getting crucified in the court of public opinion. He thinks that he can get Jefferson back his old job as principal of Garfield High. Odell informs Lynn that they will move the pod kids tomorrow, but Lynn thinks she has a way to wake them up permanently. He’s not listening to her, not with Markovia breathing down their necks. Tobias talks Tori’s painting; which Cutter walks in on. She asks Tobias why call her in. Tobias and Cutter share a kiss, interrupted by the news that the pod kids are moving. It puts the briefcase’s connection to the pods in danger. Tobias decides that now is the time to make their move.

Dangerous Times: Lynn and Jefferson talk about the Markovian presence in Freeland. They agree to talk to Anissa and Jenn about being safe. She also shares news about her potential breakthrough in stabilizing the pod kids. Jefferson tells her about Napier’s visit and the potential of getting his old job back. He has to testify in a closed-door board meeting tomorrow. Tobias wakes up Fisher, who promises a big reward if he completes an assigned task. Jace is displeased that Lynn doesn’t want to play with her anymore. Odell wants Jace to remain close-by in case the Markovians kill or incapacitate Lynn. Jenn is staying with Anissa for a few days. Anissa agrees that Tobias has to go, but she also sides with Jefferson over them needing a plan. She asks Jenn to just keep low with her for the time being. The two hug. Jenn asks Anissa if she’s found Grace yet, but there’s nothing. Jenn suggests that maybe Grace just got scared and ran off. Anissa gets a text from Gambi, telling Jenn not to go anywhere. Lynn decides to test her potential cure on Wendy Hernadez, taking her to an isolation wing. Jenn attacks a 100 hideout to find out where Tobias is. He tells her to find Khalil’s runner replacement.

Shade: Lowry confronts Jefferson, saying that Jefferson coddles the kids. Jefferson, however, points out his approach isn’t working at all. Lowry, however, says the kids need a consistent leader Anissa learns that Grace Choi doesn’t exist. She was Shaylee Wilde, sold to a child prostitution ring, and reemerged as Grace. Anissa still wants to find her. Jefferson goes to the board meeting. Jefferson speaks up in defense of Lowry, saying he should have a chance to implement his changes. He believes that the kids need stability and that Lowry will give them that. (Dude, there’s stability and being too harsh.) Jenn goes to the motel to find the new runner where she is quickly surrounded.

Custom: Gambi found that the pill Anissa picked up at Grace’s is used to treat schiznophrenia. Gambi and Anissa also hear the call of Jenn’s adventure at the Seahorse Motel over the wire. When the runner mentions Khalil’s name, Jenn overloads on her powers and passes out. The guy pulls out his piece, but Anissa arrives to rescue the unconscious Grace. Cutter and Bishoparrive to raid the ASA facility. Jace sees the pair raiding the facility, moving toward where Lynn and Wendy are. She initiates the lockdown procedure, which gets Lynn’s attention on the attack. She calls Jefferson, but it cuts out. Jace greets Bishop and Cutter. Bishop tries to attack her, but Cutter stops. They remove the tracker and go to get the pod kids. Napier follows Jefferson, who tells him that the students deserve more. Jefferson gets Lynn’s voicemail about the facility. Jenn comes to with Gambi and Anissa watching her. Anissa tells Jenn that she will yell at her later, but they are glad she’s okay. Anissa gets the call from Jefferson. Lynn brings Wendy around, who blows through the doors. Jefferson and Anissa arrive at the facility to find the pod kids gone. Anissa and Jefferson return back to the Sanctum to find Jenn gone, who is with Perenna. Perenna sees so much rage inside Jenn that there is a chance she may literally explode. Gambi informs about Bishop and the other Masters of Disaster. Tobias has all the pod kids with Jace working on them all. Tobias finds Cutter in his chair, drinking his scotch. She killed Todd via car bomb.

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