Jane The Virgin Taps Sophia Bush For Final Season Guest Spot

The former 'Chicago P.D.' actress will star in an upcoming pilot produced by the studio.
Credit: Getty Images

Remember the days long ago when Brooke Davis was the heroine of One Tree Hill, and most notably, our favorite character? Hands down, right?

Sophia Bush, similar to our beloved Brooke Davis, is no doubt a wonderful social-justice warrior and feminist advocate. And now, we can see her in another fan favorite—Jane the Virgin.

Jane the Virgin is set to premiere on Wednesday, March 27th on the CW.

While I am super excited for the return of my favorite show, I am also now beyond excited to know that Sophia Bush will be starring on an episode .

The only downfall to all of this news is the fact that Jane the Virgin is now in its final season. Although it is hard to fathom a TV world without Jane the Virgin, a guest star performance by Sophia Bush is a small consolation prize, right?

Bush will appear on episode 12 of Jane the Virgin’s final season. According to Justin Baldoni’s Instagram, whoever Bush is playing might not make some of us happy.

I can hear our favorite narrator already. “Just like a telenovela, right?”

Despite whatever may happen come episode 12, Sophia Bush—who received a personal invite from Gina Rodriguez herself—is thrilled to be apart of the genius TV show on CW.

Don’t forget to tune in for the final season of Jane the Virgin on Wednesday, March 27th at 9/8c on the CW.