Elisabeth Moss Majorly Rocks Out In Trailer For Her Smell

Credit: Gunpowder & Sky

It’s time to entire the crazy and chaotic downward spiral of Becky Something (Elisabeth Moss).

Elisabeth Moss has been doing a lot of interesting projects outside of Hulu’s amazing The Handmaid’s Tale. One project that has had fans of the actress really excited is Her Smell.

Directed and written by Alex Ross Perry (Golden Exits, Queen of Earth), the film follows the spiral of punk singer Becky Something who Perry describes as “titanically complex and huge, and [requiring] an unfathomable amount of endurance on the part of a performer.” Becky Something is the lead singer of the band Something She.

For her part of the film, Moss had to sing and play both guitar and piano. What drew her was Becky’s sprial in addiction, telling Entertainment Weekly, “I’ve never played an addict before, and I just [was interested to] figure out who that person was. Having to take it through that entire [five-act] arc and the different stages of her addiction — I’ve never played somebody like that.”

Her Smell also takes inspiration from several women in punk in the 90s rock scene, though Perry made sure to keep things away from full on biopic.

Perry said of the character, “My ambition was to take the character and really just treat her and the movie with the utmost respect.”

The film also stars Amber Heard, Cara Delevigne, Dan Stevens, and Ashley Benson.

Check out the trailer below.

Her Smell will be released April 12th, 2019.

Bec Heim