Dreamer Suits Up For The First Time In “Menagerie” On Supergirl

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Supergirl fans!

We’re back for just this one week. One of the bummers about Sunday night broadcasts is all the various events that tend to go on. Either way, we get to see Nicole Maines officially don her Dreamer duds and kick some villainous butt.

Last time, we met Nia’s family and learned about the bond with her sister, Maeve. Their mother died via spider bite and Maeve learned about her sister getting the precognition after Nia saved her life. She said that Nia “was not a real woman”, which was a low blow. Kara, going through her own sister related hurt, shares the truth about her identity with Nia.

Speaking of Kara and Alex, the mind wipe of Alex was not without consequence. Since Kara being an alien shaped so much of their Alex’s own opinions, Alex is more inclined to side with humans over aliens now. She also takes a colder approach with Supergirl, which hurts Kara. While Kara puts up a brave face, she’s clearly hurting.

Unsurprisingly, the Children of Liberty continue to suck.

Let’s see what happens this week, shall we?

Bonnie And Clyde: A couple of thieves drive away as the woman, Pamela, looks over their haul. As they drive, a meteor buzzes them and lands nearby. Pamela goes to check it out and gets lunged at by a facehugger. Kara and Alex drop off a Valentine’s Day gift for J’onn, who has been helping a lot of alien. Alex is feeling a bit inadequate over her personal life at the moment. Kara suggests that she and Alex go to a Valentine’s Day party at Nia and her roommate’s place. She can be Alex’s wingwoman. Alex then gets a message. Kara confesses to J’onn that she longs for Alex’s partnership. A woman comes to see J’onn about hiring him to find her husband. Brainy goes to see Nia to offer his condolences and help Nia train to be a hero. Brainy offers Lena’s advice of putting things into boxes, but Nia doesn’t think that’s healthy for her. She invites Brainy to come to her Valentine’s party and informs Brainy that it’s a date. The Lockwoods go to visit Ben in jail, who believes he can create his circumstances for release. Ben tells his George to be a “man of action”, which will not end well. Ben has George stand back. Haley meets Alex at the sight, where the guy from the night before had his heart eaten. Also Ben Lockwood is polling better than the President, which is…really not good. I hate President White Guy too, but he’s the lesser of the two evils here.

Heart: Alex performs the autopsy on the man, which was very exact. Brainy finds that the creature underwent a metamorphosis when it left its ship. Haley reveals that two more people turned up missing hearts and the President wants this out of the news. J’onn goes to visit Kara at Catco where he asks for help with his case. The Director of Alien Affairs, Anthony Stewart, is missing and his wife wants J’onn to look for him. This could turn out to be a DEO case so maybe Kara can team up with Alex now. James goes to visit Lena at Catco, who is clearly troubled. He gives her a gift and Lena suddenly asks James to go to Paris with her. James agrees. J’onn and Kara find a possible suspect to bring to Alex. Alex, meanwhile, is dealing with a Brainy in crisis, who is surprised that Nia really likes him, and figuring out what is going on with the alien. The alien, apparently, is also stealing jewelry. Alex brushes J’onn off when he calls, focusing on the case at hand. Kara, digging a little deeper, thinks that Stewart is having an affair. J’onn still wants to make sure he’s safe. Haley goes to see Lena to offer a government contract to her. Her research could give the American military superpowers. Lena doesn’t want her research to be used in such a way, but then news breaks about the missing hearts. George, meanwhile, makes a post calling the Children of Liberty to arms to defeat the latest alien threat themselves. It sounds like the Children of Liberty are growing by the day as well. J’onn and Kara arrive to find Sinclair’s body with that of another woman when the DEO busts in.

Matchmaking: Kara and J’onn attempt to convince Alex to let Kara join the investigation. Kara finds a safe and leads Alex to it. When Alex contacts Brainy, he’s at the party and not entirely enjoying himself. He wants to talk to Nia, but is having issues. Alex, Kara, and J’onn head to the party to go and find him. The President, meanwhile, wants the new power initiative to go forward and to figure out a new step with Lockwood. Lockwood is happy to offer advice on his son’s next step. He needs to kill the alien publicly. At the party, Alex runs into an ex, Becca, and Brainy is hiding from Nia’s roommate, Yvette. Kara goes to see Nia, where they talk about complicated destinies and family dynamics. Kara informs Nia that she is part of her family. Becca tells Alex that she should pick up the ball on the adoption thing. Brainy finds human DNA on the gunk, which belongs to Pamela. Brainy, upon meeting Pamela, knocks her out and tells that that she is a symbiote. Pamela doesn’t want to fight it. She introduces themselves as Menagerie. Kara is able to stealthily protect Alex while J’onn and Brainy fight off the snakes that Menagerie produces.

Match Made In Hell: Brainy goes to track Pamela. Kara reluctantly goes with J’onn when Alex makes it clear how important her sister’s safety is to her. On the way to the airport, Lena tells James about the government’s offer. James is worried about the implications of such research. He wants to be supportive of her work, but he’s unsure about taking it this far. James will not agree about her sharing her research with the government and that may be a dealbreaker. Lena breaks up with him. Damn. (This has to do with Lex, doesn’t it?) Nia has dream about Kara fighting Menagerie as bright purple lights flash in the background. Kara feels depressed and eats ice cream at J’onn’s. Kara thinks Alex has put her life on hold for her all the time. She thinks that Alex is free of the guilt and the worry for her. J’onn feels like this hurt the family in so many ways. Kara is willing to sacrifice working with Alex in order for her happiness. The Children of Liberty arrive at Menagerie’s place and she takes them out. She’s upset that the loot is gone, but they can rob the Masquerade.

Heartbeat: One of the surviving Children of Liberty contacts George over Menagerie’s movements. George tells the Children of Liberty to prepare to raid the Masquerade as Menagerie begins her spree. Yvette and Nia watch the news coverage. Nia makes a decision on her heroism while the DEO arrive. The Children of Liberty get themselves in deep, which is unsurprising. Kara and Menagerie fight while the DEO fight the snakes. Nia arrives in full Dreamer gear as Kara almost gets her heart eaten. Kara sends Dreamer inside while Kara deals with Meangerie. George decapitates the symbiote after Kara disables Menagerie. George makes a speech with the Children of Liberty in the background, declaring that they handled it. Pamela will be made an example of, rather than sent to a black ops site. Nia and Kara watch the scene below. Kara tells Nia she did a great job, but still needs training. Nia returns home to find Brainy with Yvette, telling her she wants him to train her. Alex visits Kara with a candy bouquet. She realizes that she needs to let some people protect themselves. Kara got Becca’s number for Alex, who wants to move forward with her life. Lena contacts Haley to let her know that she’s in. Lockwood, apparently, cannot be tried under the Patriot Act because it focuses on human life, not alien life. So he is released with the President’s blessing. Pamela gets a letter from Manchester Black, under her neck something moves.

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