Disney Is Going The Distance: Hercules Stage Musical Is Coming

Credit: Tumblr

The back-half of the 90s animated Disney films tend to be hit and miss. They have epic ambitions, but the follow through is more bizarre than anything else.

That doesn’t mean we didn’t get some great content out of it. In fact, some of the weirdness of these films have stayed with us.

One of those films was Disney’s 1997 Hercules. Loosely based on Greek mythology, the film followed the titular hero as he tried to earn his place on Olympus after being turned mortal as an infant. Throughout the film, the god of the Underworld, Hades, tries to get Hercules out of the picture because he was prophesied to stop Hades from taking over Olympus.

It’s pretty fondly remembered, even if it’s not that most accurate thing to Greco-Roman mythology ever. Plus that soundtrack? It’s majorly killer.

We’re delighted to learn that there is going to be a stage production coming this summer.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the production will run from August 31st-September 8th at the Public Theater’s outdoor Delacorte Theatre in New York’s Central Park. The production will be directed by Lear deBessonet, a resident director at the Public and founder of the Public Works program.

The musical will feature the film’s original songs, plus new ones from Alan Menken and lyricist David Zippel. The script will be adapted to stage by Kristoffer Diaz (RENT: Live) and choreographed by Chase Brock (Be More Chill).

Currently, there are no commercial plans for the title. Don’t hold your breath about seeing Hercules on Broadway.

Still fingers cross we get an album or something to hear those new songs? Please?

Bec Heim