Detective Pikachu’s Second Trailer Heaps On The Nostalgia

Credit: Warner Bros

If you grew up in the 90s and the early 00s, then you knew what Pokemon was. Whether you played the video games, collected the trading cards, or watched the anime, there was always a cultural understanding to these creatures.

Even if you didn’t, then you at least could recognize Pikachu.

It’s honestly rather surprising that it took this long for someone to attempt a live-action film. The first trailer for Detective Pikachu got us pretty hyped for it. Sure, some of the designs looked a bit…weird. But those were characters whose designs were already kind of bizarre.

With a new trailer for the upcoming film released, we get to see more Pokemon translated to live-action (Snorlax looks amazing to sleep on) and some excellent humor from the situation. With the second trailer, while there are Easter Eggs, its clear that the filmmakers are attempting to make the material accessible to everyone rather than the faithful, which makes sense.

We do get more of Pikachu’s (Ryan Reynolds) backstory. In that he has amnesia and the only clue he had was the cap belonging to Tim Goodman’s (Justice Smith) missing father, Harry (Paul Kitson). Now the two unlikely allies have to team up in order to solve the mystery.

Also Mewtwo shows up! OHMYGOD MEWTWO SHOWS UP!

Check out the trailer below.

Detective Pikachu hits theatres May 10th.

Bec Heim