Cloak And Dagger Season Two Trailer Brings In Some Major Mayhem

Credit: Freeform

Cloak and Dagger was definitely hit of Summer 2018. With Aubrey Joseph and Olivia Holt’s excellent chemistry plus some compelling television, it brought these little known Marvel characters to the forefront.

After Tyrone and Tandy saved the day in the season one finale, it led to a birth of a new vigilante: Mayhem aka Detective Brigid O’Reilly (Emma Lahana). We get our first look at the new vigilante in the season two trailer.

While Mayhem is making her mark on the city, Tyrone and Tandy are both hard at work controlling their abilities. It looks like it’s working. Now, they’re fighting against sex trafficking with Mayhem being a clear divide in their own heroing philosophies.

Of course, as the trailer shows, sometimes the right thing is not always so clear. The lines between good and bad are starting to blur, which will definitely have some major consequences.

Also Tyrone and Tandy are such goals. It looks like those “major consequences” are going to have some big impact on the people that they love. It may also be the thing that tears them apart as well.

(We may get to see them in costume too! Which is exciting.)

Cloak and Dagger season two will premiere on Freeform on Thursday, April 4th.

Bec Heim