Captain Marvel Featurette Shows Behind-The-Scenes Action

Credit: Marvel Studios

Captain Marvel will hit theatres in less than a month. Fans can’t be more excited for the first female led solo title in the MCU.

The promotional material for the film has got the fans all kinds of hyped. Today, we got a new video that shows some of the behind-the-scenes footage of Larson’s transformation into the titular hero.

With interviews from Larson, Samuel L Jackson, and co-director Anna Boden, we see how Larson took those steps into heroism.

As Larson said in the video, “There’s a lot of material for me to work with within Captain Marvel, to create something that can feel personal to me, like it’s mine, and I have work to do. It’s very surreal to get suited up, as gloves are getting put on and things are getting zipped up behind me. And the idea of that star and these colors, it represents strong will. It makes me emotional.”

Carol Danvers has been a popular character in comics. For a long-time she was the female counterpart to a male Captain Marvel (a Kree spy) as Ms. Marvel, eventually Carol took over the name. She’s only grown in popularity thanks to her solo titles. It’s thanks to her that we also have Kamala Khan aka the new Ms. Marvel out there as well.

Captain Marvel hits theatres on March 8th.

Bec Heim