Captain Marvel Crowdfunding Campaign To Hold Free Screenings For Girls Top $60,000

Credit: Disney

Captain Marvel will be the MCU’s first solo superhero film with a woman in the lead. It’s definitely a step in the right direction for the studio, who has been criticized for a lack of diversity in the past.

In the tradition of such films like Wonder Woman, Black Panther, and A Wrinkle In Time, people are getting together to make sure girls can go see the film. There’s nothing quite as affirming as seeing a hero of your race, biological sCaptex, sexuality orientation, gender identity, and creed on the big screen.

A GoFundMe campaign to buy out theatres so that girls can see Captain Marvel for free has crossed $60,000 dollars. It has caught the eye of some pretty high profile persons. Ellen and E News have each donated $10,000 to the cause. They are just two of 1,170 people to donate to the campaign, which reads “Every girl deserves to know she can be a hero.”

Currently, the donations will allow 2,000 kids to see Captain Marvel for free.

The #CaptainMarvelChallenge was started by We Tell Stories, who also ran a similar campaign #BlackPantherChallenge in 2018. The #BlackPantherChallenge raised over a million dollars and provided free screenings of the film for 73,000 children. We Tell Stories launched the Captain Marvel campaign in conjunction with Girls Inc of Greater Los Angeles, which serves girls in Title I schools in Compton, South L.A., and Watts.

We Tell Stories and Girls Inc. L.A. said of the importance of Captain Marvel.

“Everyone should have an opportunity to see women in roles they can aspire to one day be, roles that show women as strong, smart and bold. From a teacher to a fighter pilot — or a superhero. This is an opportunity to continue to empower girls to be just that.”

Captain Marvel will be released on March 8th, 2019.

Bec Heim