Black Panther Star Michael B. Jordan To Produce Black Leopard, Red Wolf

Credit: Getty Images

Michael B. Jordan will be taking the reins on the creation of the film Black Leopard, Red Wolf. Based on a novel by the Booker-prize winning author Marlon James, critically acclaimed for his epic novel A Brief History of Seven Killings, the rights were claimed immediately by Warner Bros, despite the book having only been released to the public on 5 February. Jordan, of Black Panther fame, is set to be the producer on the film adaptation.

The story has been described as an African Game of Thrones, and has already received praise from other high profile writers such as Neil Gaiman. It recounts the attempts of a slave trader to find a kidnapped boy by recruiting a number of mercenaries to come to his aid. It is due to be the first in a trilogy called Dark Star.

James spent two years researching the parts of African history and mythology that would help him create a fantastical world where the continent transcended the homogenous view thrust upon it by Europe and America. His vision for the book is thought to be that of a fantasy of witches and giants that also pays tribute to people from Africa countries living in the diaspora. It is already thought to be an epic feat of world-building, containing maps drawn by James himself.

However, despite production on the film having been confirmed, there is currently no writer for the script.