Ben Affleck On Why He Left The Batman Role

Credit: Warner Bros

Ben Affleck, after years of rumors, has officially exited the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman.

Technically, no one knows what’s going on with the former shared universe of the DC Films. (That went up in smoke after Justice League.) It’s not a surprise that Affleck exited the role.

Given that Matt Reeves is working on a Batman movie, we’ll probably hear about casting for a new Dark Knight sooner rather than later.

The question is why did Ben Affleck leave the role? There were so many rumors about dissatisfaction or drama behind the scenes. Affleck, however, has given his own explanation.

In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Affleck said,  “I tried to direct a version of it and worked with a really good screenwriter but just couldn’t come up with a version — I couldn’t crack it and so I thought it’s time for someone else to take a shot at it. They got some really good people so I’m excited.”

Affleck was lined-up to direct and a write a feature surrounding his version of Batman. If you aren’t happy doing something, then better to leave before getting bitter.

The Batman will focus on a younger version of Bruce Wayne, which is a convenient work around for Affleck’s exit from the DCEU. Though, at this point, we’re thinking that the films should just do a soft reboot of some kind and just try again.

You can watch the clip below of Affleck’s interview with Kimmel.

The Batman will be out June 25th, 2021.

Bec Heim