Barry And Ralph Walk On The Dark Side In “Goldfaced” On The Flash

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Flash fans!

Last week, we took a dive into the minds of Grace Dwyer and Nora West-Allen. It was definitely interesting to say the least. While Nora dealt with Grace, who is just as fanatically anti-meta as her uncle, Barry and Iris learned more about their future daughter. It also turns out that Sherloque is making those connections between Nora and Eobard Thawne, especially since Nora’s mental defense was the Reverse Flash costume.

Meanwhile, there are changes abound in the timeline such as Iris founding The Central City Citizen a full two years earlier. Also it looks like there’s a second Cicada, which may be future Grace. Since they cannot wake Grace up, however, Barry decides to take Cicada out with the meta-cure, which kind of goes against the whole “not forcing it on people”.

Let’s see what happens next, shall we?

Investigation: Sherloque continues trying to decode Nora’s messages to the present. She finally realizes that Sherloque is investigating her. Eobard reassures Nora that Sherloque hasn’t figured out anything. He tells Nora he knows how to fix it by nudging Sherloque toward his weakness: love. Barry is trying to get Iris’ office in order for her, but Iris is worried about the critics. She wants to write about Cicada. Cisco and Caitlin may have figured out a meta-human cure. They need to immobilize Cicada for a minute in order to administer the cure because meta powers happen due to a metabolization in the pituitary glare. Caitlin suggests a peaceful anti-riot gun that will freeze people, but it’s been stolen. Ralph pulls in his contact, who says that Goldface is the one who has it. Goldface, of course, is a notorious black-market dealer and will disappear. Barry doesn’t like the idea of letting Goldface get away. As Ralph points out, Cicada is the biggest threat. Meanwhile, Nora sets up things so that Sherloque meets with Earth-1’s version of Rene Adler, who is freaked out by Sherloque’s perceptibility and thinks he’s a stalker. Nora tries to keep things on track to distract him. Barry and Ralph prepare to go undercover at Goldface’s black market, which is literally underground. The trackers are out and those may be anti-meta braclets they have them.

Caveat: One of the henchmen asks who sent Barry and Ralph, who replies Big Raf sent them. It gets them in the door, but they are in way over the heads right now. Ralph tells Barry not to be, well, himself. One of the sellers gives Bary a superweapon that will burn through police body armor. Apparently, Barry immediately breaks a rule by trying to buy them all without Goldface’s approval. Iris does interviews with Dwyer’s co-worker, who is uninterested in helping, but Iris gets something from him after a little pushing: a name of Dwyer’s cousin. Ralph is able to get a meeting with Goldface, pulling away Barry from making his un-Goldface approved transcation. The henchman who was watching, however, tells him what Barry was doing before the transcation can be completed. Goldface says that he can tell Ralph is scum, but he doesn’t get the same vibe from Barry. He asks who Barry is with a gun to the back of Barry’s head.

Emptor: Barry immediately gets in touch with his dark side, taking credit for heists with a chemical fingerprint. He calls himself The Chemist. It impresses Goldface, who proposes a trade. They get the neutralizer, but they need to get a medical machine from a lab. Iris breaks into Dwyer’s house without back-up. (Iris West-Allen you are smarter than this!) She confirms it via Nora’s drawing when Dwyer returns home, sitting on his couch. Iris hides better when Dwyer hears her. Nora is ready to handle the Rene situation by asking Sherloque’s exes for help. They are all Rene Adler and they are pissed. Nora tries to smooth things over, but they want their money. The Adlers are hiring Breacher to get it with one telling him that some people are destined to be alone. Barry tries to prepare himself for the heist while Ralph tries to give him a way out. Barry, however, accepts responsibility for catching negative flack from Goldface and that they can’t be precious about dirtying their hands. Iris inches her way to the door to make a break for it. She doesn’t make it out but she has Dwyer thinking that the door was unlock and let herself in. Of course, now she’s locked in a room with Cicada.

Lies: Iris quickly comes up with a cover story about lead getting into the water. She tries to slide out by offering to see him tomorrow. Dwyer, however, says that they should finish it. Nora tries to comfort Sherloque about his ex-wives. She tells him that he cannot deduce his way to a happy ending. They need to enjoy whatever step he’s in. The heist is on with Barry and Ralph. Ralph distracts Barry long enough to lock him in the van, saying that he can do this. Barry begs Ralph not to go alone. Ralph covers for Barry insider as Barry works his way out by being the MacGyver we know he is. The team begins the heist, searching for the device. Ralph finds it, but look at the files of the people they will save knocks him out. The rest of the team finds Ralph after that with him being taken out for disposal. Barry and Ralph take out the two guards. They set their guns to stun and head in to take care of everyone and stop the heist of the printer. It’s a pretty impressive sequence and, honestly, equally fun. It’s got like 80s-90s sci-fi action vibes. Goldface calls them on their communicators and is ready to take them out. While he’s monologuing Barry and Ralph knock him out, but he’s a meta with gold bones. Barry taunts Goldface into using his chain on a transponder, which melts the gold off his bones. Iris excuses herself from Dwyer, but he sees her grab her bag. She maces him, breaks the dollhouse, and stabs him in his wound. Then she tells him that they will beat him before leaving.

Handle: They didn’t get the neutralizer, but they do know that they can outsmart their opponent sans powers. Iris calls Barry to tell him happened. He’s gone from the house, but Iris knows Cicada’s weak spot. Sherloque finds Earth-1 Rene and apologizes. He also shows off his deduction skills for her. Rene has to go to work, but he can call her sometime. She then also shows that she has some meta powers, telekinesis. That puts her in the sights of Cicada, which has Sherloque focused off Nora’s secret.

Bec Heim