America Ferrera Is Bringing Gente-fied To Netflix

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Credit: NBC

Charles King’s Macro and America Ferrera have teamed up for a new show — Gente-fied — which Netflix plans to adapt into a half-hour dramedy.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix has ordered ten episodes of Gente-fied, “a bilingual Latinx series about the lives of three Mexican-American cousins chasing the American dream in a rapidly changing Los Angeles even as that dream threatens their neighborhood, their immigrant grandfather and their family taco shop.”

Originally, Gente-fied premiered at Sundance in 2017, following the characters as they face change to their Boyle Heights neighborhood.

Back in 2016, before Gente-fied’s premiere at Sundance, THR did a story on the dramedy, describing the digital series as, “Each episode is seen through the point of view of a different character — from the bi-cultural Latinos trying to celebrate their cultural roots to the old-school business owners trying to make sense of changes in the neighborhood that threaten their livelihoods.”

The show was written by first-generation Chicano writers Marvin Lemus and Linda Yvette Chavez, who created the show as “a love letter to the Latinx and Boyle Heights communities.”

Lemus and Chavez are currently set to serve as executive co-producers of Gente-fied.

Charles King and America Ferrera also serve as executive producers. King’s Macro, a production company focused on showcasing diverse voices, now adds Gente-fied to its portfolio.

A premiere date has not been released by Netflix yet.