Tom Hiddleston Crashes Charlie Cox’s ACE Comic Con Panel To Talk About Betrayal

Credit: Ace Comic Con

This weekend at ACE Comic Con in Arizona, a slew of actors from across the pond turned up to discuss their latest and upcoming projects, take photos and hold panels.  Generally have a bit of fun.

Charlie Cox,  who is best known for his title role in Daredevil, was going on along minding his own business on his panel when none other than the God of Mischief himself, in his human form of Tom Hiddleston, crashed his gig!

Cox had taken the stage to discuss his role and answer some fan questions when Hiddleston burst on to the stage to the sound of the audience  – well going a little crazy really.   Fans in the crowd reported online that the sound was deafening

Presenter Angélique Roché said, “It appears we have a guest on stage, it’s Tom Hiddleston”.

“I don’t mean to interrupt, but I was too excited by the coincidence,” a mic’d up Hiddleston said when crashing Cox’s Q&A session.“It’s such a coincidence that Charlie and I are both in the same building, because only a couple of days ago it was announced that Charlie is going to join Zawe Ashton in Betrayal in London in the spring.”

“Yes! It’s so cool because I’ve been signing autographs and a bunch of people, they’ve found out Tom was doing Betrayal, this play, they ordered tickets online for the play, they had already had tickets to come here, and then yesterday they found out that I was going to be in it as well,” Cox beamed.

“So when I showed up to sign this thing, they like couldn’t believe this has happened [laughs]. It’s so cool. Tom and I hadn’t seen each other for like four years, and then we found out we were going to do this play together in London, and then knew we were coming here this weekend, so it’s very exciting.”

Betrayal is a play written by Harold Pinter in the late 70’s.  It tells the story of Emma (Aston) and Robert (Hiddleston) and an affair with Jerry (Cox). The layers of the title weave between the three characters.  While not a new story even back then, Betrayal is unique in that this play tells the story in reverse order.

A fantastically shot teaser trailer was released in November of 2018 which baffled many fans.  While there is a group of fans who seem to  think Hiddleston is only Loki, they assumed it was something related to the as yet untitled upcoming Disney+ series featuring the MCU character.

Others were left simply scratching their heads.

Those who had seen the Gala, aka Happy Birthday, Harold in October at the Harold Pinter Theatre in London were a bit more clued in, having already heard Hiddleston and Ashton read the parts onstage.

Fans have had some fantastic photos of both Cox and Hiddleston this weekend, with hilarious results. But one of the sweetest would have to be this copy of the play in question, signed by both Hiddleston and Cox.

Credit: Ruby Villaluz Boyden

Jump to the (28) minute mark to see Hiddleston crash Cox’s Q&A!

Betrayal runs from the 5th March to the 1st June at The Harold Pinter Theatre, London.

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