The Night Manager Season 2 In The Works But Without Director Susanne Bier

Credit: AMC/BBC

We followed the trajectory of the original BBC AMC series The Night Manager with much anticipation, and were duly rewarded with not only a gripping six part series, but also with a TV/internet breaking scene of star Tom Hiddleston’s backside.

Since 2016, we have been bringing you updates on the second season of the Emmy award winning series.

Director Susanne Bier has now announced during promotions for her latest production Bird Box, which has also launched a thousand memes, that she will not be taking the Directors chair for the next season.

During an interview with Radio Times, Bier said, “I will read and I will engage, but I think as a director, I think it’s better if somebody else does it.”  She  added “I think part of it is that as a director you have to have a crazy huge challenge. I don’t necessarily think if a challenge becomes, ‘Do something different from what you did last time’, I don’t think that’s an organic challenge.”

She continued: “I just got worried that I would repeat myself or do something which wasn’t as great, but I think somebody else is going to do an amazing job out of it.”

The new series is again being produced by Simon Cornwel, son of John Le Carre, the author of the original novel. It will be an original storyline. One would think, however, that it would have all the intricate plot twists and turns and double-crossing we have to expect of Le Carre’s work.

Fans of the series are keen to know if its main stars  Tom Hiddleston, Hugh Laurie and Olivia Coleman will be making a return.

Both Hiddleston and Laurie were executive producers in the original series. The second series is currently still being written so that would enable the cast to project forward and free their schedules up to be available if they are happy with the script.

Cornwell believes the highly popular actors will only consider reprising their roles if the script is excellent.

Matthew Orton has been working on the script, along with Charles Cumming, Francesca Gardiner, and Namsi Khan since mid last year.  It is not being rushed to ensure a high quality production that is a worthy follow up to the original series.

The biggest hindrance to the project at present is the fact that neither the BBC or AMC have officially announced a renewal of The Night Manager. 

If you’ve yet to see the series, we here at 4 Your Excitement highly recommend you do so. It’s something that appeals to  a broad range of viewers.

Watch the trailer below!

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