The Good Place EP Talks That Heartbreaking Season Finale Twist

Credit: NBC

The writers of The Good Place are panicking. That’s not good at all, because we’re all panicking, too.

If you didn’t catch the season three finale—spoilers ahead—Chidi’s memory was erased, removing any remembrance of his relationship with Eleanor. The finale led our foursome back to the beginning of the Good Place, or to be more specific, where we started our journey back in season one.

In this version of the Good Place, Eleanor takes over for Michael as the lead architect; however, plot twist, the Bad Place gets to choose the four new humans—only to make things miserable for Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, and Jason. Fearful of damning them all, Chidi chose to have his memory erased.

So, where does that leave season four?

Creator and executive producer, Michael Schur acknowledges that there are difficulties in leaving the season with a cliffhanger such as that one.

Schur said to TVLine, “We just started [working on season four] and we’re panicking — white-hot panic” executive producer Michael Schur (half-jokingly) says of the twist that erased Chidi’s memory of his relationship with Eleanor. “The first two weeks of every year — except for season one — have been all of the writers staring blankly at each other and then quietly getting in our cars and driving home.”

Schur does admit that this version of the Good Place will have different power dynamics. He also says that by harkening back to season one, there will be some elements that are very consistent.

He shares, “In this case, only one person won’t remember what is going on and there’s a lot of different power dynamics.”

In this case, we need all of the consistency we can get after the season three finale, and since Chidi is the only one who has had his memory erased. Hopefully the rest of the crew can fill in the memory gaps?? Maybe?

We’ll have to wait to find out. The Good Place will return to NBC in Fall 2019.