The Flash Extended Midseason Trailer Teases Crisis On Infinite Earths

Credit: The CW

We now know that next year’s Arrowverse crossover is the crossover. We’re getting Crisis on Infinite Earths, which is a pretty big freaking deal. It’s the crossover that’s teased in the future paper from 2024, where Barry (Grant Gustin) disappears.

Needless to say, in the lead-up to the next year’s crossover, we’re going to see…some hints. You cannot just drop this thing on us. There has to be some continuing build-up from “Elseworlds”.

In the extended trailer for “The Flash and The Furious”, the midseason premiere for The Flash, we get a little tease. Mainly, it’s Barry staring at the newspaper that has appeared on and off throughout the years. Will Team Flash accidentally rush the Crisis? Is it part of Eobard’s (Tom Cavanagh) plan? What does Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy) have to do with it?

Also in the trailer, we get some nice West-Allen family bonding moments. Cicada (Chris Klein) is back, who is ready to hunt Nora down to the ends of the Earth.

That cant be good.

Watch the promo below.

“The Flash and the Furious” will air on January 15th 8/7c on the CW.

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