The Crown Recreates Royal Affair In Season Three

Credit: Netflix

Season two of The Crown has already been quite scandalous, as we tried to figure out if Prince Philip (Matt Smith) was the Mystery Man from the photograph at the end of the series or if he was not.

The third season, which is currently been shot, looks like it will be just as scandalous. Obviously, we already had a feeling it might, due to the decade it will depict. Now we have the final proof that it will be quite scandalous, indeed.

As Digital Spy reported, pictures have emerged from the set that show Helena Bonham Carter as Princess Margaret exiting an airplane along with Harry Treadaway, who will be playing Margaret’s young lover Roddy Llewellyn. The couple does not look very amused as they are greeted by a crowd of Union Jack-waving royalists and journalists.

It seems obvious, cast and crew of the show are recreating their affair and the scene is most likely to depict the couple’s return home from the Caribbean Island of Mustique in 1976, where the real-life couple had been spotted together on the beach. In October, the two actors had been seen filming those beach scenes.

Spotted at the same set was Olivia Colman as Queen Elizabeth II, shaking hands of people in the crowd. However, she looks a lot more cheery than Princess Margaret and Roddy did in the other pictures, which could mean that it is not the same scene but rather them just using the same extras and setting for a different moment in the show. Or maybe it is her way to grin and bear it.

Credit: Splash News

Sadly, we still have to wait a couple of months until we will find out. Season three of The Crown is set to premiere later this year on Netflix.

Anna Hattingen