Supergirl Releases First Look At Nicole Maines As Dreamer And She Is Rocking It

Credit: The CW

Much to our unending excitement, when Supergirl returns we’ll see Nia Nal (Nicole Maines) take those further steps into becoming a superhero.

Fans have eagerly awaited to see Maines, who play TV’s first transgender superhero, don her Dreamer costume. The CW finally dropped the first look for it.

The girl looks badass! What else can we say?

We really appreciate the blues and silvers mixed in with the costume. Her mask is definitely pretty cool as well. The high collar just works quite well overall. We’re just thrilled with how it looks, which is amazing.

Credit: The CW

Previously, Maines expressed her excitement over the costumed to Entertainment Weekly. During the interview, she shared her hopes for the trans viewers on seeing her in costume for the first time.

“I hope they feel validated, especially trans folks. I hope they feel that sense of, ‘Oh my gosh…’ That’s when it’ll really sink that we have a trans superhero. I mean, it’s so important and I can’t wait.”

Maines won’t suit up until February 17th’s episode “Menagerie”. The costume itself, however, will first be seen in the Nia focused January 27th episode “Blood Memories”, which will also introduce her family and the liberal, pro-alien town she grew up in.

Supergirl returns Sunday, January 20th at 8/7c on the CW.

Bec Heim