Phylicia Rashad Joins This Is Us As Beth’s Mum

Credit: Tricia Baron

This Is Us returns from its midseason hiatus next week and it couldn’t come soon enough. We have missed our weekly cry/cathartic sessions and the antics and ever expanding worlds and stories of the Pearsons and their extended families. As we head into the latter half of season 3, that extended family is set to get slightly bigger with the introduction of Beth’s mum.

Ahead of the season premiere, the This Is Us bosses informed fans that in the upcoming season we would get to spend time delving into the backstories of Toby, Miguel and Beth. While we have already seen glimpses of life for Miguel and Toby, Beth’s episode is still ahead of us and based on yesterday’s news of just who is playing her mother, we can expect big things from the ep.

Phylicia Rashad will be turning up shortly as Carol reports Entertainment Weekly. Rashad is best known for her work as The Cosby Show’s stern-but-loving mum Clair Huxtable, a role that earned her two Emmy nominations, so it’s rather perfect casting that she takes on Beth’s mum.

As well as being known for The Cosby Show, Rashad currently stars as Diana Dubois in Empire.

While we have little info on just what will unfold in Beth’s backstory, it is going to be fascinating to see who and what shaped a young Beth, helping create the unflappable, steady, badass mum and partner that the Beth we know and love is.

Rashad is just the latest in a long line of impressive guest stars on This Is Us, including Katey Sagal, Sylvester Stallone, Jane Kaczmarek, Denis O’ Hare, Seth Meyers and Katie Couric.

This Is Us is back on our screen next Tuesday, January 15 at 9pm on NBC.

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