Luke Benward Teases Possibility Of Dumplin’ Sequel

Credit: Netflix

Currently living in Dolly-Country, I have heard Dumplin’ talked about in numerous social circles—mainly because of the Dolly soundtrack. The film, in correlation to other recent Netflix rom-coms, is just as good as the Dolly Parton soundtrack.

If you haven’t seen Dumplin’, the film stars Jennifer Aniston, Danielle Macdonald, and Luke Benward. The film as an adaptation of Julie Murphy’s novel is about Willowdean “Dumplin” Dickson (Macdonald), the daughter of a former beauty pageant queen, Rosie (Aniston). After Willowdean loses her aunt, she finds out that her aunt had once attempted to sign up for a pageant. In a simultaneous act of rebellion against her mother and devotion to her aunt, Willowdean decides to sign for her mother’s pageant.

The film premiered in December 2018, and now, there are rumblings of a sequel. Is it possible?

Actor Luke Benward plays Bo, Willowdean’s love interest, told The Hollywood Reporter, “I know that there is a sequel in the books. She just wrote Puddin’, and I believe the lead of that would be Maddie Baillio’s character, Millie, but I haven’t received any news that it’s actually going to production. I just know there is a template for it, but we’ll see in this next year.”

While obviously there are no definite details at this point, we can attribute the increase of diversity and representation in Young Adult Rom-Coms to Netflix.

According to MacDonald, the representation of plus-size women is vital in Hollywood, and she needed that modeled in popular culture early on to help shape her perspective and career. “…I wish that I could have seen this movie 10 years ago when I was growing up and trying to figure it all out. I’m glad that there is a movie out there for kids now.”

Whether or not a sequel happens, Dumplin’ is clearly making strides currently.