Lights, Camera, Action: Arrow Goes Documentary To Celebrate 150 Episodes

Credit: The CW

Everything’s coming up Olicity! Showrunner Beth Schwarz confirmed that the differences between the spouses have been set aside when Arrow returns from its mid-season hiatus this Monday and they are “definitely on track”.

Over the course of the first half of season six Oliver and Felicity have had to adjust to Oliver’s prison sentence (which, frankly, they both never did), and then find a common middle ground after Oliver returned home. The two heroes have always had their difficulties communicating, but time and time again found their way back to each other.

“They’re back to, in a sense, being normal between each other,” Schwartz told TVGuide. “There’s no friction between the relationship. They have a lot of obstacles in their way, but they’ll be a team. It won’t separate them. … They’ll be a force to reckon with.”

The couple being back on track also comes just in time for Arrow’s 150th episode titled “Emerald Archer”. The series will celebrate this milestone by giving the story a bit of a documentary twist. The official synopsis teases that “as a camera crew follows Oliver and team around to talk about their past as vigilantes and what the Green Arrow means to Star City, Oliver must also deal with William’s return from boarding school as well as a new threat to the city.”

With a camera crew following the newly police-appointed Green Arrow around, what could possibly go wrong? But honestly, whose idea was this, because it screams BAD. “It’s way exceeded any expectations when I saw that first cut, and it was really fun,” Schwartz said about the episode. “When I first saw some of that footage, it was like Arrow meets The Office because it’s got some of that fun of our characters being like, “What is going on?” Looking at the camera, which I love.”

So can we expect to see Curtis giving the camera the “Jim Halpert”? (Because that’s definitely a Curtis thing to do. Sign. Us. Up.)

Arrow returns with new episodes Monday January 21st on The CW.

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