Khalil And Jenn Plan For Their Future In “The Book Of Rebellion: Chapter Three: Angelitos Negros” On Black Lightning

Credit: The CW

Black Lightning’s back!

The hiatus is over, my friends. Things in Freeland are going to pot while the Pierce family deals with internal drama. Previously, Tobias is pretty much free and clear, but with many plans in the works. Jenn and Khalil have run away together, though Khalil almost died from a poisoned knife. Anissa and Jefferson are in a tense stand-off while trying to bring Jenn home. Poor Lynn is just trying to keep it all together.

With that in mind, it’s time to see how the “Book of Rebellion” will end.

Let’s see what comes next, shall we?

Drive: Anissa takes to the streets on her new Thundermobile, but Jenn and Khalil are in the wind. In the woods, Cutter wakes up, hidden in the forest outside of the barn. She cuts her hands free from the bindings, but her hand is wounded. Khalil and Jenn arrive at Khalil’s apartment, which is an abandoned train car. Apparently, Khalil is an an artist as well. It’s a place away from Tobias that no one can find him. Lynn sits in Jenn’s wrecked bedroom, wondering where her daughter is. She’s not resting until Jenn is home. Lynn tells Jefferson about the secret place that Khalil’s dad told her. Jefferson asks not to go anywhere without backup. Jenn and Khalil settle in together and reminisce about the past. Khalil presents Jenn with the necklace that he gave her when they were together. He wants to give it back to her, wanting to reestablish something between them. Jenn would love to have it back. When they talk about sex, Jenn puts a hard stop to it. She wants it to mean something, not them being desperate and on the run in a train car. Khalil accepts that, willing to wait until she is ready.

Stuck: Jenn and Khalil try to figure out their future together, how to get out of Freeland. Lynn meets up with Jefferson, Anissa, and Gambi. Gambi, using Khalil’s past cell activity, narrows down his secret location to a two-mile radius. Jefferson wants to split up into groups, but Lynn insists on individual searches. Tobias and Todd, meanwhile, share a meal and listen to jazz together. Tobias wants to use Todd to read some algorithms for him. Todd realizes that this is outside of legal activitie. Before Tobias can explain, Cutter calls and breaks the news about Khalil. Tobias isn’t thrilled about Cutter losing Khalil. Gambi, Anissa, and Jefferson search the warehouses for Khalil and Jenn. Jefferson stops two assholes beating up a homeless man. Lynn eventually arrives at the trainyard calling for Jennifer, begging for Jenn to come home. She promises to help them, saying that they need her. Jenn and Khalil listen in the train car. Jenn’s resolve crumbles for a moment. She points out that her mother has point: sooner or later things will get worse. Running will not solve their problems, but Khalil points out there is Tobias to contend with. He’s not looking for Jenn though. Khalil feels bad for dragging Jenn into this mess. She needs to go home.

Home: Jefferson, Anissa, and Lynn return home to find Jenn on the couch along with Khalil. Jefferson is pissed at Khalil, unsurprisingly, but Anissa and Jenn stop him before he does anything. Tobias opens the briefcase to Todd, revealing what’s inside, which is computer. Tobias has gotten info on things that don’t exist and crooked politicians. He wants more from it, of course. Tobias wants to know why metas are so important. Todd’s job is to get past the firewall. Cutter returns and Todd gives her a list at Tobias’ request. It’s Khalil’s three most visited locations. Cutter arrives at the train car and finds a picture of Jenn there. Khalil apologizes for involving Jenn in what happened. Lynn accepts it, but Khalil is still a danger around Jenn. Jefferson makes it clear that Tobias will kill Jenn to get to him. He also reveals that he put two and two together and figured out Jefferson is Black Lightning. Jefferson wants Khalil to turn himself in and Khalil agrees with it. Jenn’s not thrilled about it.

Safety: Jefferson brings in Henderson to help Khalil, making it clear that Tobias wants the kid dead. He owes it to Jenn to care about what happens to Khalil. No agency will protect Khalil unless he testifies. Jefferson is relieved that he’s the person that he believed Khalil to be. There is just one request: see his mom. Henderson promises that Khalil will see his mom. Jenn cleans up her room. Anissa and Jenn have a talk through it. She asks if Jenn had sex. Jenn says that nothing happened. The two sisters hug it out. Todd continues his work on the firewall. Tobias gets the news of Khalil selling him out for Witness Protection from an ADA in his pocket. He tells Todd to pass it on to Cutter. Jenn sits out on the roof and Khalil goes to see her. Jenn apologizes for everything that happened, feeling like it’s her fault. Khalil apologizes to Jenn for how he treated her in the aftermath of him getting shot. None of this is her fault. Jenn doesn’t want him to go. If he does the right thing, then Tobias goes to jail. He can come back. Khalil tells Jenn he loves her and she is the best thing that has ever happened to him.

Drop: Khalil is given a chance to see his mother before he’s taken in. She’s upset at the major police presence, but Khalil promises that it’s fine. Jefferson and Anissa keep watch from above. Khalil promises for everything that happened. He promises that he will be back. Khalil is led into the armored car. Anissa asks if Khalil will be okay, but, as Jefferson points out, better them than Tobias. It’s a huge procession of law enforcement that stops for an accident. Cutter lies in the road and one of the SWAT guys gets out to check on her. Bad move, bro. She cuts his neck in an instant. Cutter is surrounded. Hendrson calls Jefferson to tell him something went wrong. Henderson arrives to find carnage and Khalil missing. Henderson tells Jefferson that Khalil is missing as he waits for back-up to arrive. Lynn gets the call about what happened and has to break the news to Jenn about Khalil’s kidnapping. Jenn breaks down crying as Lynn holds her close. Khalil is brought in by Cutter to Tobias’ apartment. Khalil immediately tries to save Jenn’s life. Jenn says that he has “no beef with the Pierce” girl. It’s Khalil that Tobias has a problem with him. He rips out Khalil’s spinal implants, much to Todd’s disgust and Cutter’s horror. He informs Cutter to take out the trash. Khalil is found on the streets, crawling to his spinal implant outside of the church. He begs for help. The Reverend comforts Khalil as he sobs on the ground. Todd breaks the encryption on the firewall, gaining access to project MOD (Masters of Disaster). Apparently, the clinic that Tobias wants was where the original batch of kids got the “vaccine”. There are four supermetas underneath the clinic with vitals, meaning they’re still alive.

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