Kara Meets The Nal Family In “Bloody Memory” On Supergirl

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Welcome back, Supergirl fans!

Last week, we saw the Danvers sisters make the most difficult decision in the world. In order to protect Kara from Haley’s crusade, Alex agrees to have her memories erased. Every connection she has of Kara being Supergirl and having powers is gone. That cannot end well at all. We also learn more of Haley’s shady past in which she tortured alien children into becoming assassins. Gold star there.

J’onn, meanwhile, has started his own private detective operation. No, it’s not called Mars Investigations to our endless disappointment. Brainy, meanwhile, tries to convince Nia to suit up as a hero. It intrigues her, but part of her is scared to take the leap.

So let’s see this new status quo, shall we?

Separate: Red Daughter continues her training. She gets a bloody a nose and then passes out. They have to shock her back to life, but when they do a weird purple lightning bolt spreads over the Earth. It ends up in some dealers’ trailer, which makes some pills start to glow purple. A couple of frat guys takes them, and they have some weird side effects: superpowers. Meanwhile, it’s Game Night at Kara’s place. Nia tells them about her hometown, Parthas, where aliens and humans have lived together. During one game, however, Alex’s memory issues pop up. She doesn’t remember Kara’s favorite movie. Those effected by the weird purple pills continue to go on a rampage. The DEO arrives to handle it with Alex taking out one and Kara the other. She then tells Supergirl to address her as Director Danvers. Kara freaks out about the mindwipe to James and about unintended consequences. James tells Kara to throw herself into her work. One of the junior reporters comes to James with a story about LCorp and a black budget. James tells her to send it to him so he can look over. Kara walks in on Nia arguing with her sister Maeve. She offers to drive Nia to Harvest Fest, using it as a way to write an article. Meanwhile, Brainy has deduced the species of “alien”: frat boys.

Trip: Nia tells Kara about how her parents met. Her mother fled Naltor after having a premonition. The human family that took her in had a son, who she fell in love and married. Nia talks about growing up in the town and how she transitioned young. Anywhere else would have been rougher for her. The frat boys do not bend to Alex’s questioning, which is a bummer. Brainy says that the drugs they took were irradiated with gamma rays. The drug dealers decide to start dealing this drug. The little sister, Bobbi, is curious about what’s going on. Meanwhile, Nia has a dream about her mother in a field drinking a glass of wine before crumbling to dust and turning into a raven. Not ominous at all. Nia introduces Kara to her family. Kara covers for Nia when she has a flashback to her vision. During dinner, Kara realizes that Nia is keeping her powers from Maeve because she doesn’t want to hurt her sister. At the DEO, Alex feels like she missing something important. It’s affecting her staying ahead of the case.

Truth: Kara gently confronts Nia about being honest about her powers with her family. Nia, reluctantly, agrees. She plans on talking with her mother first and asks Kara to distract Maeve. Brainy and J’onn talk about the side effects to Alex’s mind-wipe. J’onn offers to give Alex a placebo in order to trick her. He assures Alex that she is fine. He suggests that Alex probably needs a partner at her job. Kara interviews Maeve, who confesses she wants to be a hero when her powers kick in. Though Kara is worried when she sees Children of Liberty around. Brainy goes undercover as a frat bro and gets the drug dealers identity. Nia and her mother talk about her move to the city. Isabel, however, tells Nia that the Dreamer is destined and no one can pass it on to another. Isabel then passes out from a spider bite. She tells Nia that she is Fire and it will make her so powerful. Her trials in her life made her strong and the strength will serve her well as a hero. Nia wakes up and her mother is dead. Well that was fast.

Mourn: Nia has a dream about her and Maeve having lunch together. Maeve then knocks over her glass and spiders crawl out. Then an unkindess of ravens surround her. Maeve wakes Nia up and beats up on herself for not saving Isabel. The town is turning the Harvest Fest into an impromptu memorial. James comes to visit Lena to talk about the article, who prepares some Game Night training for them. The drug dealers continue driving along, preparing to make a deal for $10k. It turns out they’re going to deal with the Children of Liberty who beats them up. They take the drugs in order to go to the Harvest Festival. Bobbi, the little sister, hides out. She finds a remaining pill. J’onn visits Brainy to ask about Alex, who appears to have recovered slightly. Nia breaks down in front of Kara about how she could have saved her mother. Her sister should have gotten the powers, not her. Kara tells Nia that keeping a secret from Maeve will only hurt Nia in the long run. She didn’t choose the powers. After the memorial, she agrees to tell Maeve. Alex, Brainy, and J’onn arrive to find the drug dealers tied up. Bobbi, driving after the Children of Liberty, takes the pill as she enters Parthas.

Bless: Nia and her father take a moment to talk. Her presents her with a package, saying her had a dream about Isabel. He presents her with a box, saying it was for her. Maeve gives a eulogy for her mother, talking about honoring her legacy. Nia gets a quick flash of a premonition just before Maeve is attacked by an axe. Nia runs after Maeve, who runs away from her sister. Meanwhile, Kara tries to stop the fire. Nia and her father usher people out while Kara takes on the Children of Liberty with help from Bobbi, who wants her revenge. The DEO arrives to take them out. Alex points her weapon at one of the aliens from Parthas who was holding back Bobbi. Kara knocks the gun out of Alex’s hand. The two of them get into a fight. Kara shares her side of the story, while Alex shares her own. She says that Kara will never understand vulnerability. If she continues on, then Alex will arrest her. As Alex walks off with Bobbi, Kara and J’onn share a look.

Upset: Maeve is so upset at Nia getting the powers over her that she calls her “not a real woman”. Nia is so crushed that her sister would say such things to her. Kara, seeing Nia’s distress, pulls over and tells Nia she’s Supergirl. She believes in her bond with her sister. Nia has a family, even if hers are having issues right now. She has Kara. James calls MacKenzie into the office, telling her that everything ended up being above board. He assures her that she has great instincts. Back in her apartment, Nia opens the box: a costume. Alex’s empathy has shifted and formed her view of aliens with her bond with Kara. In Kasnia, the Red Daughter remains unconscious and there is someone the General needs to reach in America.

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