Jenn Loses Control In “The Book of Secrets: Chapter One: Prodigal Son” On Black Lightning

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Black Lightning’s back!

Last week, Jenn and Khalil stopped their runaway dreams. While Jenn returned home, Khalil still had to fact the consequences of his action. In exchange for Witness Protection, he agreed to testify against Tobias. Tobias didn’t like that fact though and has Cutter take out Khalil’s transport. Rather than kill him, he ripped out Khalil’s cybernetic spine and dropped him outside of the Reverend’s Church.

Tobias’ new associate, Todd, cracked the firewall surrounding the briefcase. The clinic houses five super-metas called the Masters of Disaster, which is why the ASA was so interested in it. Who else knows what’s on there?

Let’s see what happens this week, shall we?

Preach: The Reverend talks about how Khalil is fighting for his life at a nearby hospital. He continues on how the people of Freeland are fighting for their lives. Jenn, her parents, and Khalil’s mother arrive to see him. Jenn stares before waking out while the Reverend continues his sermon. Khalil wakes up and asks Jefferson to kill Tobias. It’s the one request that Jefferson feels his cannot do. Khalil offers to give Jefferson everything to take Tobias out. Jefferson says the system need to handle the Tobias, but Khalil knows that Tobias owns the system. Jefferson promises that Tobias will suffer and apologizes for not being there for Khalil. He assures Jefferson he was always there. Tobias gives himself a shot while Todd observes the pod kids. Holt says they cannot trust anyone but themselves to take back their lives. A white woman sees Jenn leaning against her car and thinks that Jenn is trying to steal her car. As she calls the police, Jenn uses her powers to blow up her car. Jenn says that the woman’s car was hit by a random bolt of lightning. Jefferson overhears the woman and follows Jenn, whose hands are glowing. Holt gets the crowd cheering for the change he’s preaching. He then dabs his head, falls over, and Cutter, watching, leaves.

Absorb: Jefferson tries to absorb the energy that Jenn is giving off. He cannot siphon off the extra electricity. Perenna shows up, who sensed that Jenn needed some help. She asks that Jefferson give them some privacy so she and Jenn can talk. Jefferson agrees to stand guard outside. Tobias watches the coverage over Reverend Holt. Meanwhile, Todd finds the footage of Jace and Lynn fighting. Tobias and Jace knew each other thirty years ago. Todd finds Jace’s tracking anklet and Tobias wants to recruit Jace to work for him. Perenna talks Jenn through calming herself and bringing her energy back within. It works. They leave and Jefferson gives Jenn a hug. Jenn goes to see Khalil. Lynn goes to speak with the doctor in charge of Khalil’s and offers her help. The doctor, however, shoots Lynn down. Henderson visits Jefferson at the hospital cafeteria. He tells Jefferson about Holt’s “heart attack”. Jefferson tells Henderson about Tobias trying to buy the clinic and Khalil’s information. Henderson cannot arrest Tobias again without getting slapped with a lawsuit. Jefferson takes Henderson to Gambi’s place. He doesn’t want any more secrets between them. After Henderson makes it clear that they’re good, Jefferson takes him down to the Lair and Gambi. Gambi has a tox screen result on Holt: poison. They need to get Tobias on a “continuing criminal enterprise” so Tobias goes to the Feds. Henderson is in.

Comfort: Jenn watches Khalil as he rests. With her powers, she can see the currents running through his body. She leaves the room where Lynn finds her standing outside. She tells Lynn about the development in her powers. She tells Lynn that the electrical impulses in Khalil are getting dimmer. She can see and feel them dying. Jenn asks if she can jumpstart Khalil like a car, get the synapses firing. Jenn brings up the pods, maybe they can put Khalil in one. She asks Lynn if they can try. Of course, that’s all down to Khalil’s mother. Anissa sits in the waiting room where Grace comes to see her with food. Grace came to offer support and to tell Anissa that she cares. She gives Anissa forehead kiss before they chow down. Tobias, meanwhile, waterboards someone as he talks to his sister’s painting. Cutter returns to find Tobias throwing the now dead body to the side. Tobias apologizes for how things ended between them, which throws Cutter. Lynn comes with the ASA to take over Khalil’s case with agreement from Khalil’s mother. She remains quite firm about taking the case.

Visit: Henderson arrives to Tobias’ home unannounced to talk about Khalil. Tobias lies to Henderson’s face about his relationship and throws the blame on The 100. Henderson is wearing a button cam with Gambi checking out the room. Gambi finds the safe and Henderson exits as Tobias chuckles. Todd arrives at the prison to see Doctor Jace. Todd takes care the ankle device, disabling it and taking a scan of Jace. He creates a hologram of her and says Tobias wants to see her. The two leave and the guard continue his watch. Todd presents Jace to Tobias, who is pleased to see Jace. Jace created the anti-aging serum and used Tobias as test subject. She was also the architect of the vaccine program and went to Markovia. Then she was arrested. Now she’s ready to deal the metas to Tobias for a prince.

Plea: Jenn almost goes ahead with her plan to heal Khalil with her powers. Khalil stops her for exposing herself, saying that it’s okay. Gambi puzzles out the safe, but the briefcase is not there, much to Jefferson’s dismay. Jefferson is upset but not surprised. Tobias is not stupid. Lynn calls Jefferson in tears, saying he needs to go to the hospital. Lynn apologizes to Jenn, they can’t put him in a pod. Jefferson suggests to Jenn that she needs to say her goodbyes while she can. Khalil and Jenn walk down a hallway where Jenn says they’re at prom. Khalil realizes something is off. Jenn tells Khalil that they are in her head, but doesn’t waste the details. She just wanted some time with him before it was too late. Khalil tells Jenn that he loves her and she returns it. The two kiss and hug each other, slow dancing in the halls before Khalil disappearances. Outside, Khalil, with Jenn and his mom by his side, takes his final breaths as the Pierce family watches. Tobias breaks down a wall to reveal a secret room. Todd, Jace, Cutter, and Tobias look into the room.

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