It’s Villainous Double Act In “The Flash And The Furious” On The Flash

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Flash fans!

Hope we all had a nice and restful hiatus because things are about to get real on The Flash. After the craziness of “Elseworlds”, maybe we need a quick recap about what went on in the midseason finale “What’s Past Is Prologue”.

Team Flash knows Cicada’s identity. They had a good plan to fight him, but it didn’t work in the end. It turns out that Nora has been working with Eobard Thawne in the future, which is…not great. She also didn’t know that he killed her grandma. Way to drop the ball there, future Iris. Cisco, meanwhile, still has bits of Cicada’s weapon in his hands, meaning he hurts himself whenever he uses his abilities. Caitlin and Killer Forst seem to be doing pretty good all things considered. She’s the only one who isn’t affected by Cicada as her powers are happening on a genetic level.

So let’s see what happens now, shall we?

Mentor: Thawne greets Nora, who is pissed at his lies. He seems to have realized how much he screwed over the timeline. Thawne also thought Iris would have told Nora the truth. Yeah, same here, dude. Thawne is either genuinely repentant or, like, really good at manipulating Nora. Thawne says he wants his legacy to be different, but Nora doesn’t want his help. She leaves him to it.

Trial: Team Flash is trying to get ahead of Cicada. They told CCPD about Orlin’s identity. Joe is taking an extended leave to visit Wally with Jenna, not wanting to return about Cicada broke into the house. Barry has to go testify at Cecile’s first trial post-maternity leave against the Weather Witch. Cecile begins her opening statements, but her empathy powers start to assert themselves. Caitlin finally removes the shards of the dagger from Cisco’s hands. Cisco confesses to Caitlin he enjoyed the break from his powers. Caitlin gives Cisco his powers. A young woman watches the trial on her phone before stealing a Lambo. Barry gets the text about it and has to leave. He promises Cecile he’ll be back before he has to testify. The thief leads the police on a merry chase. When Barry tries to vibe through the car, he can’t. It sends his vibration abilities into overdrive.

Phase: Barry and Nora return. Barry phases through the floor and into a power dampening cell in the Pipeline. It stops him from phasing. The unstable dark matter in the meta-tech has destabilized Barry’s body. It’ll take him a day to get back in order. Nora has to go testify at the Joss’ trial. Cecile reveals to Iris that her empathy powers are picking up on remorse from Joss. She wants to pursue a lighter sentence. During Nora’s testimony, Joss reveals that she wants to plead guilty. Cisco reveals to Caitlin that the shards can cancel out meta powers. He tells Caitlin that they can synthesize a “cure” from it. Caitlin, however, isn’t sure if a cure is needed. Cisco thinks the metas deserve a choice. The car thief stops Joss’ prison transport van, telling her that she’s “her ride”.

Fob: Team Flash gets a name for the car thief: Rhea Van Sant aka the Silver Ghost from the footage on the prison transport truck. A former Air Force pilot, she was dishonorably discharged. Rhea, meanwhile, declares her and Joss to be the “Young Rogues” and wants to raid ARGUS for tech. Joss, however, is not interested in it. Rhea, however, plays on Joss’ insecurities saying that people see her as her father’s daughter. Barry finishes up the meal that Sherloque brings him, thanking him. He asks Barry about his time in the Speed Force and the chronolinguistic language. He also gives Barry the smutty book Mick wrote. Joss tries to tell Nora about what happened with Rhea. She asks for Nora to give her a chance. Iris gets Rhea’s file. She sees Nora drop off Joss, refusing to vouch for her. Joss is dragged off, begging for people to listen to her.

Rigid: Iris finds Nora running and tells her that there is no connection between Rhea and Joss. The DoD used Rhea as a scapegoat for whatever happened. She tells Nora that maybe Joss deserved a second chance. Barry, after all, gives more than anyone she’s ever met. Cisco, meanwhile, continues work on his meta cure. Killer Frost, however, is not too happy about it. Cisco wants a normal happy ending. He doesn’t want what Barry has. Instead, he wants to forge his own way, wants his own happiness. Barry, meanwhile, is super into Mick’s book. Nora goes to visit him with her crisis about how people can change. Barry uses Snart as an example of how people can change. She asks if he thinks that Eobard can change. Barry thinks that being a hero is seeing the good in people, even Thawne can change. If heroes can’t believe in people, then who will? Rhea, meanwhile, plans to break Joss out again by taking over the police lot. Rhea gives Joss her staff back and says she’s offering her a second chance.

Chances: Joss goes along with Rhea’s plan at the ARGUS facility, allowing them to break in for the tech. Rhea gives the specs on the special stealth car: $24 million, in develop for a decade, made with everything from Wayne Tech. They track the dark matter rather than the car. Barry reminds Nora not to touch the car while using her powers. Nora grabs Caitlin for some help. Rhea uses a missile to distract her. The car can phase through an ice wall that Caitlin created. Rhea turns the car invisible. As Nora makes a plea to Joss about second chances, Rhea plans to run Nora over. Joss, however, uses her staff to ice the road and then disappears with Rhea. At the 24-hour mark, it looks like all things are good with Barry. Joss and Rhea are still in the wind for the moment. Caitlin comes to see Cisco with a winter jacket. The two of them go to her father’s old lab for his research. He created a metagene and Cisco can use it to unravel it. She thinks the research is dangerous, but, with her, she thinks there can be ground rules. Like, for instance, they will never force the cure on anyone who doesn’t want it. Nora returns to see Thawne. She doesn’t trust him, but she’s willing to give him a chance to change her mind. She wants to believe that Thawne is a good person. He doesn’t have a lot of time to prove it, but wants to. Nora asks him what’s next. Sherloque goes to the Time Vault. He activates Gideon, asking for the files on Nora West-Allen. It turns out that Nora deleted her own files.

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