HBO Horror Anthology Series Folklore Set To Air In February

Credit: HBO

For the most part, Western shows tend to focus on Western mythology and folklore. However, this is not always the case. There are dedicated horror fans who can name myths from the various countries of Asia. Not to mention, some horror movies tend to go hard or go home.

HBO, however, has a new anthology series that focuses specifically on the lore and myths from Asian countries. In Folklore, they are brought to horrifying life through six different directors, telling six different stories, each set in a different country and using that country’s lore and language to tell it.

The six countries are, according to Entertainment Weekly, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. The series will debut all six episodes on HBO Go, HBO on Demand, and HBO NOW on February 1st.

Some of the episodes include “A Mother’s Love”, which is set in Indonesia and follows a mother and her young son who discover a group of dirty and underfed children in a mansion’s attic. Another episode is “Toyol”, set in Malaysia, where a Parliament Member turns to a female shaman in order to solve his town’s economic situation.

A trailer was released for the series for the American audiences. It was officially released on HBOAsia’s YouTube page a couple of months ago. Oh boy, it will definitely make you want to sleep with the lights on tonight.

Any horror fans should definitely check out the series when it debuts on February 1st.

Bec Heim

Senior Editor at 4YE
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Bec Heim