GREATJOB: The McElroys Will Pen A Revived Journey Into Mystery Miniseries For Marvel

Credit: Valerio Schiti/Marvel Entertainment

The McElroys are staples for podcast listeners and comedy lovers. The sibling team behind My Brother, My Brother And Me and The Adventure Zone, this trio can pretty do anything they set their minds to. God, there was a saga to get them into Trolls 2 that actually worked.

Now the McElroy brothers (plus father, Clint) will be heading over to Marvel to offer their services.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the family will pen a five-issue miniseries revival of Journey Into Mystery. Launching in April as part of the War of the Realms event, the series will focus on a group of heroes, which includes Miles Morales, as they try to protect Thor’s baby sister, who might be key in stopping this conflict.

Art for the series will be done by André Lima Araujo and covers will be done by Valerio Schiti.

The McElroys described the series as such.

“War of the Realms: Journey Into Mystery takes you to a world where Earth is at war, besieged by an army of Frost Giants, Trolls and Fire Goblins — and the mighty Thor is nowhere to be found. When it turns out that the key to stopping the war might be Thor’s baby sister, Spider-Man (Miles Morales), Hawkeye (Kate Bishop), Wonder Man, Sebastian Druid, Death Locket, Thori the Hellhound, and Balder the Brave must go on an epic quest to save Earth’s only hope! (And, yes, deal with diaper duty.)”

For fans of The Adventure Zone, it definitely sounds like the series will have a similar sensibility to that.

War of the Realms: Journey Into Mystery will hit stands on April 10th.

Bec Heim