Grace and Frankie Are No Longer Parent Trapped In New Trailer For Season Five

Credit: Netflix

The wait for a new season of the beloved Netflix sitcom about the two girl pals is almost over and in order to make the final days up to the season five of premier of Grace and Frankie a little bit sweeter, Netflix has finally released a trailer!

After season four ended with Grace (Jane Fonda) and Frankie (Lily Tomlin) escaping the care home their children have put them in, as well as the two finding out that their house has been sold, it was left open what was going to happen next with the duo.

In the new trailer, however, we are getting quite a good picture of what the ladies are up next.

They are not giving up on their house and their demands that they can very well live on their own and do not need supervision, even though Brianna, Mallory, Coyote and Bud think differently.

As Grace and Frankie rediscover their new freedom, they are also learning to discover more about themselves and looking for themselves.

While Grace discovers the wonderful world of junk food and seems to adopt a more carefree lifestyle, Frankie seems to become even more carefree than she was before. She and Robert even seem to bond more in the upcoming season.

Robert (Martin Sheen) and Sol (Same Waterson) also seem to be up to quite some fun. At least it looks like it, though, it doesn’t look quite like fun for Robert, who seems to have heart problems again when a good-looking naked man is standing in front of them. Though, I’m not sure whose heart wouldn’t skip a beat by the sight of that.

In the trailer, we’ve also got to see RuPaul, who seems to have bought the beach house. Though, he obviously does not own it for long. We have yet to see for how many episodes we will get to know his character in season five.

Thankfully, we won’t have to wait much longer as Grace and Frankie will return January 18th on Netflix.

Anna Hattingen