Gillian Anderson Joins Season Four Of The Crown

Credit: Britta Pedersen/ DPA

The third season of The Crown is set to premiere later this year, which is clearly still too far in the future. Though, the fact that we still have to wait so long, helps to excite the fans of the show even more, whenever new little bits and pieces of the upcoming season are being released.

As a Christmas gift (at least I saw it that way), two new images have been released of season three, giving us another glimpse of Olivia Colman as Queen Elizabeth II, Tobias Menzies as Prince Philip, Helena Bonham Carter as Princess Margaret, as well as Ben Daniels as Antony Armstrong-Jones, who are taking over from Claire Foy, Matt Smith, Vanessa Kirby and Matthew Goode, respectively.

The newest bit of information, however, is not just new images and technically does not concern the third season but more the season right after, but it still truly is great and thrilling news!

According to The Times, Gillian Anderson is going to play the first female Prime Minister of the UK, Margaret Thatcher, in season four of the popular Netflix show!

While season three starts in 1963 and will cover events like the beginning of the Beatles, as well as the divorce of Princess Margaret and Antony Armstrong-Jones. Thus, season four will most likely cover the 70’s and thus, the rise of the Iron Lady, as well as the beginning of her first term as Prime Minister.

Shooting on season three started last summer and filming for season four is scheduled to start this summer, as both seasons are shot back-to-back, like the first two seasons were. Though, it only means that we have to wait another year to see Gillian Anderson as the Iron Lady, however, I reckon it is definitely going to be worth the wait.

Anna Hattingen