Cicada Has Barry “Seeing Red” After Injuring Nora On The Flash

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Flash fans!

Last week was more of a breather than anything else. We learned that Nora plans on giving Eobard another chance after learning he killed her grandmother. There’s also some kind of timer on their interactions as well. The Weather Witch, Joss, has disappeared somewhere with the villainous Rhea after being unwillingly freed by her. Cisco, meanwhile, plans on creating a meta-cure so that he can have a normal life. Caitlin is reluctant to support him, but agrees to under the condition that it’s not something that he “forces” on people.

Cicada, meanwhile, has been off the radar. Not for long, apparently.

Let’s see where we go this week, shall we?

Care: The doctor arrives to bring Orlin food and medicine. He’s fully healed from his injuries. Grace, meanwhile, is stable, but she can’t get rid of the CCPD outside her door. The doctor tells Orlin to get back to work, giving him a list from a “friend” of CCPD meta-arrest records. He takes care of that weird Snake Eye dude and another meta: killing them both. Snake Eye sees Cicada stab the other meta before slipping away. Nora and Barry examine the body, realizing that Cicada is back and on a killing spree. At STAR Labs, Caitlin and Killer Frost are having a spat over Cisco’s metahuman cure. She needs meta DNA from one created in the last 8 months, but Cicada has potentially gotten them. Looks like Ralph will be on the case. Sherloque continues his investigation into Nora and the time language. There’s another Cicada attack. The team loads up on weapons as Cicada’s latest potential victim fights back. Ralph, Killer Frost, Barry and Nora arrive to fit. Nora and Caitlin grab the woman, but Cicada creates a forcefield that knocks everyone off their feet. He then grabs Nora and hits her in the back. When Barry gets to her, she’s unconscious.

Fear: Nora’s unconscious with a horrible injury to her back. Due to Cicada’s blade, it’s dampening her speed healing’s response. Barry and Iris are both devastated by what happened. Nora wakes up and can’t move her legs, which freaks her out. Barry and Iris are clearly devastated by what happened. Barry wants to stop Cicada now. Sherloque realizes that all of the metas Cicada attacked were in prison. They realize there is a leak in the police department. Barry and Cecile arrive to tell Singh about the list. Barry is clearly upset, but Cecile has a plan. She wants to get the Feds in on protecting metas, using her connections while Barry takes them somewhere safe. Nora’s healing is still affected by her broken back. Caitlin informs Nora that the dark matter from Cicada has left her system. Right now, it’s just a waiting game. Nora confesses that she’s terrified she won’t get better and wants some alone time. Iris gives it to her. Ralph finds Killer Frost destroying Caitlin’s equations over the meta-cure. Barry comes to ask for Killer Frost’s house. She takes Ralph and Barry to Snake in order to start their meta round-up, who is actually happy to see them.

Shelter: Snake agrees to help round-up the metas on the list. In exchange, he wants to be the first person out of the city and in WitSec. Cecile gets Singh to help with the plans, but gets a funny feeling from Officer Jones. The metas have been round-up. While some of them don’t believe Barry, they believe what Snake saw with the meta Cicada killed at the top of the hour. Killer Frost goes to talk to Snake, who tells her he used to be a good guy with a job working the reptile. Snake saved the kid the night of particle accelerator exploded. Kid’s fine, but he has his creepy snake eye. Ralph and Killer Frost talk a little about what they just learned. Ralph asking if Killer Frost is scared that the cure will get rid of her. Barry has gotten all of the metas on the list, except Shauna aka Peek-A-Boo. He tries to get her from her bar, but Shauna’s not buying it. She does buy it when Cicada shows up to kill her. Barry distracts Cicada and is able to get the extrapolator working so they can breech out. They close the breach just as Cicada throws his dagger.

Hard: Cecile empathy picks up the anger from Barry over Nora’s injury. She tells Nora that if he lets it then the rage will consume him. She realizes that Officer Jones leaked the list, but has Barry stay put. Nora, meanwhile, can move her toes. Sherloque corners Nora to ask her about the Flash Museum’s archives in the future. Iris walks in on the pair talking and doesn’t like what she sees. She pulls Sherloque outside to ask why he’s investigating Nora. He’s chasing Nora’s story, but Iris wants him to stop chasing it. Iris finds Nora standing on her. Ralph talks to Killer Frost about the cure. She’s scared that one day Caitlin will decide that she doesn’t want her. Ralph, however, tells Killer Frost about what happened when DeVoe blocked her. Cicada asks Officer Jones about what happened, who tells him about the protective custody. The Feds arrives to pick up the metas, but Cicada takes down the helicopter. He then arrives for a mass killing spree.

Safe: Barry tells Ralph to take the other metas to the back and get them on the chopper while he fights Cicada. Ralph uses his stretching powers to bring everyone abroad the chopper. In the warehouse, Barry fights Cicada clearing channeling some of that Green Arrow rage. When Barry is own, Killer Frost arrives to take out Cicada. He does that weird energy bubble with his dagger and throws his dagger to kill her. Before Snake gets a dagger in the face, Ralph saves him. The chopper takes off. Caitlin uses her powers to freeze the dagger. Back in Star Labs, everyone realizes that Barry plans on killing Cicada. Nora arrives to stop him. Cicada pulls the dagger from Killer Frost’s ice wave. Nora apologizes for Cicada escaping, but Barry assures her that she brought him back. The metas are all processed and safe in their new identities. Team Flash tries to figure out what happened with the transport. DA Cecile Horton is on the case and is more than ready to call Jones out. Killer Frost put Caitlin’s research back together. She reassures Killer Frost that she will do everything she can to protect her. Killer Frost also got Cicada’s blood: DNA from a recently created meta-human. Sherloque is not letting go his inquiry and finds two different types of handwriting in Nora’s journal. He’s on the trail to Eobard. It’s Taco Tuesday at the West-Allen house. Barry stops Nora so they can tell her how much they love her and there’s a family hug. Barry comes up with a plan to stop Cicada: Save Grace.

At the Dwyer home, Cicada looks through his little murder scrapbook. He’s more than ready to focus on Nora.

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