Charmed Casts Jimmy Tatro And Scott Porter For Late Season Guest Spot

Credit: The CW

Some of the best parts of the original Charmed came from its bizarre episode premises.

Turning into the Greek Gods? Sure! Summon your son from the future to ask about an imaginary friend? Why not. Bringing in a character from a black and white movie into the real world? Awesome.

It was just part of the fun of the show. Now, it looks like the reboot Charmed is going down the same direction. What can we say? We approve.

So long as they, you know, rescue Harry (Rupert Evans) from Hell. Don’t think we’ve forgotten about that. We’ll put a pin on it to discuss this latest casting news and the episode that comes with it for the show.

According to Variety, Jimmy Tatro (American Vandal) and Scott Porter (Friday Night Lights) have booked a guest role for the series. The pair will play angel brothers from a in-series TV show called Heaven’s Vice.

Tatro will play the “bad boy” angel Gideon and Porter will play a “good guy” angel Levi.

Variety describes the episode as such, “Gideon and Levi are a brother duo from a show within the show — a 1990s TV drama called “Heaven’s Vice” — on which they are tasked with saving mankind from the devil and his minions. Through a “magical mix-up,” they cross over into the real world and arrive in Hilltown via a portal, understandably confused and “quite the handful” for the sisters”

The episode will air toward the end of the show’s first season in the spring.

Charmed airs Sundays at 9/8c on the CW. It returns this Sunday, January 21st.

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