Carmen Sandiego Renounces Her Criminal Ways In Trailer For Netflix Reboot

Credit: Netflix

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? Well, it looks like famous thief will be exactly where she says she’ll be. Why? She’s given up on being a thief.

Sorry, what?

In the first trailer for Netflix’s Carmen Sandiego reboot, we get our first look at the animated Carmen, voiced by Jane the Virgin‘s Gina Rodriguez, as she decides to go legit. Looking back on her training at V.I.L.E., Carmen realizes that the people who made her into an international thief weren’t the best.

“I realized stealing isn’t a game. It does harm people — especially when you’re willing to steal lives.”

With the help of a young player, voiced by Stranger Things Finn Wolfhard, Carmen plans to bring the V.I.L.E. organization down once and for all. She plans on doing it by undermining V.I.L.E. by stealing only from other thieves. It’s definitely a different version of the classic character, who has always been something of a question mark.

We will say one thing though. Rodriguez is freaking killing it. Needless to say, we’re on board for checking this out when it hits out devices and screens.

Carmen Sandiego will premiere on Netflix on January 18th.

Bec Heim