Brooklyn Nine-Nine Is Coming Back Strong: Show’s Creator Teases Season 6 Fun

Credit: Fox/NBC

In November 2016, I was living in Wilmington, NC and having my first Friendsgiving. Between Amazon shopping and watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, my friend insisted that I watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I obliged—mainly because I was at her house and who I am to tell her what she can or cannot watch on her TV?

While roasting a turkey and mashing potatoes, I was introduced to the B99 crew, and I was pretty much sold on it. That’s how most of the show’s viewing audience feel about the show, and when Fox canceled Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the internet was in an uproar. All of the internet protestings led to NBC picking up the show for a final season.

Co-creator Dan Goor said, “It felt like Tom Sawyer watching his own funeral, although Tom Sawyer knew he wasn’t dead and we didn’t.”

According to Adam Samberg, “Everyone was turbocharged because we were back from the dead.”

Without this revival, the B99 would’ve been left with a serious cliffhanger. In the season 5 finale, Jake (Samberg) and Amy (Melissa Fumero) were in the throes of a precinct wedding when a bomb threat interrupted their plans. Plus, we were left in suspense about whether or not Captain Holt (Andre Braugher) landed his dream job at the NYPD.

Season 6 is supposed to answer many of these questions and provide some clarity to the cliffhanger. According to the EW, the first episode of the sixth season will give us a glimpse of the Jake/Amy honeymoon where some not-so-romantic issues arise.

The sixth season will also span issues from murder to a #MeToo link.