Barry And Iris Enter Nora’s Memories In “Memorabilia” On The Flash

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Welcome back, Flash fans!

Last week, Cicada went on a meta-killing rampage by working his way down a list of metas arrested in the past year. Cicada broke Nora’s back and Barry was furious. It almost devolved into him killing Cicada, but Nora stopped him. Barry and Team Flash were able to get those metas into a Witness Protection program in order to get them away from Cicada. Snake even got a bit of a redemption story in there as well.

Caitlin and Killer Frost were in a bit of a tiff over the meta cure. Ralph was able to do some conflict resolution by telling Killer Frost that a) some people want the option and b) Caitlin wants her to stay. Caitlin reassured her the same thing after Killer Frost apologized in her own special way. Iris learned about Sherloque’s suspicions regarding Nora’s story and tried to put a stop to it. Sherloque translated “The Timeline Is Malleable” from Nora’s notes.

Let’s see what happens next, shall we?

Secrecy: Nora stands in the Time Room, sending Eobard a message about secrecy. She feels guilty for keeping things from her parents. Barry, Iris, and Nora are having a family ice-skating outing with the rest of Team Flash. Barry feels optimistic about their plan with Cicada and waking up Grace. Ralph brings Iris some news, the office across from him is free. Sherloque gets news about a package that was delivered. It’s a memory machine. According to Caitlin, Grace is hiding in her long-term memories (so to speak). Caitlin is worried about Grace’s unusual brain damage causing risk. Sherloque also mentions the side effect. Pairs who use the machine tend to see each other’s memories. Nora is immediately worried when she and Barry are volunteered. Ralph asks Cisco for some help with a case. Nora tries to figure out how to mess with the memory machine so Barry won’t see her memories. Sherloque breaks into Grace’s room to plant a transceiver. Nora, seizing the opportunity, fires up the memory machine. She arrives in Grace’s memory and talks with her. She asks if Grace would want to come with her. Grace agrees. The portal out of Grace’s mind closes before Nora can take her through.

Trapped: Grace is upset that she’s been trapped in CCPD for a long, long time. Nora makes a connection with Grace. She says that she imagines what will happen once they get out of here. Iris has a call about starting her newspaper. The only title available is the Central City Citizen. Barry only catches the tail end of the conversation. Before they can get into things, Sherloque calls them about Nora. Best Caitlin can tell is that Grace’s brain is reacting defensively and sees Nora as an intruder. Sherloque tells them that his former partner went in alone to a brain damaged person and was destroyed. Grace takes Nora to a new memory where there’s Orlin, much to Nora’s displeasure. At the bar, it turns out Ralph’s lead is a bust much to Cisco’s displeasure. He does, however, want him to stay for a drink. Barry and Iris head into the machine where they are in Nora’s memories instead of Grace’s.

Labyrinth: Caitlin and Sherloque realize that Barry and Iris have arrived in Nora’s childhood memories. Iris and Barry quietly freak out, but they need to find another portal to take them to Grace. Barry and Iris arrive at the Flash Museum, where he has an adorable reaction. They find little Nora making a little corner of the gift shop her own. Both of them look sadly at the little Nora. Nora, meanwhile, feels very uncomfortable in Grace’s memories of Orlin. Through context clues, she thinks the portal to get out will be in Grace’s last memory. Ralph and Cisco sit at the bar. Cisco thinks that Ralph dragged him along to be his wingman. He berates him and leaves. In the Hall Of Villains, they see a future broadcast about Cicada. He appears after the Flash vanishes in 2024 and has a body count of 152 people. Then future Iris shows up, upset about everything. Grace takes Nora to her last memory. It turns out that while she’s been unconscious. She has been listening. She’s pissed at Nora for hurting her uncle. Oh no.

Destiny: Grace summons Cicada to kill Nora so that she will never, ever hurt her uncle Orlin. She hates metas just as much as her uncle does. The interaction with Nora and Iris does not go over well. Future Iris and Nora fight and break a Flash action figure Nora has. Iris and Barry talk about changing the timeline, which has reflected the history alterations. Iris feels like she is trapped in a destiny she doesn’t want. When she tries to make a small change, like having any name but the Central City Citizen, it doesn’t work. All she can think about how Barry will disappear one day. Ralph goes over to Cisco and apologizes to him. It turns out that Ralph just wanted to hang out with his buddy Cisco. Cisco, meanwhile, wants to put his life on hold to research the cure. The bartender and Cisco end up flirting after she gives him a free drink. Cisco has a revelation about looking at sibling DNA to figure out meta genes. Ralph returns to see Cisco and the bartender flirting and looks pleased. Barry and Iris are trapped in the memories of that one day. Nora’s defense mechanism activates: Eobard’s suit. Caitlin and Sherloque see that the three members of the West-Allen family are in big trouble.

Hidden: Nora continues to run from Cicada when she gets a phone call. It’s Caitlin using the mind-reading device as an emergency beacon. Caitlin and Sherloque have figured out the portals are hidden in perception gaps, where things are colored by anger or hurt. Nora figures out that the dollhouse is Grace’s. Barry realizes that the “bad mom” version of Iris is Nora’s. Nora begins to fight Cicada, who stabs sweet Uncle Orlin in the back. Nora then fights him. Barry and Reverse Flash begin to fight each other. Iris destroys it with the the Thinker’s chair while Nora brings out the real memory for Grace. Barry and Iris see the real memory, where it’s Iris comforting Nora who misses her dad. The two leave Nora’s mind. Nora tries to convince Grace to wake-up, offering to help Orlin. Grace declares that Nora is a liar and Cicada appears. This version of Cicada is grown-up Grace, declaring she is the only one who can help Orlin. Barry and Iris arrive to punch out future Cicada Grace. They have to leave Grace behind in order to wake-up.

Lucidity: It turns out Barry and Iris ended up in Nora’s head because there’s a small shard of dark matter in Grace’s brain. When Barry asks Nora why she went in, Sherloque talks about her “secret”. After letting Nora stew for a moment, Sherloque provides an explanation for Nora. He does ask Barry about Nora’s defense mechanism. Barry tells him: Reverse Flash. Iris arrives to her new office to see Nora and Barry there. She decides to go with Central City Citizen. Nora offers some comfort to her mother. She founds the paper two years earlier than the previous timeline. Nora and Iris have a little talk about her feelings. She was angry all the time as a kid. She was going to be mad at Iris because she was there. Nora realizes that Iris was trying to stop her from being Barry. She offers some empathy to her mother and understands what she was doing. She apologizes to her. Iris assures her that she will always love her daughter. Nora tells Eobard about her adventures. She doubles down on her parents not knowing that Eobard is helping her with Cicada. In the hospital, Grace’s dark matter wound glows as she declares that they will “all pay”. Cisco and Ralph arrives to find Cisco getting a text from the bartender, Camilla. Cisco found a pair of meta and non meta siblings who were willing to help. Barry arrives and declares they need to use the cure on Cicada.

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