Arrow Introduces Oliver’s Mysterious Sister In “My Name Is Emiko Queen”

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It’s been a cold few weeks since we’ve last had an episode of Arrow grace our screens. But the super hero series is back from its winter hiatus. In “My Name is Emiko Queen” (originally titled “Shattered Lives”) we learn more about the new Green Arrow and why she has come to Star City. We also find out that one of our heroes might have turned into a villain in the future.

While one Green Arrow may operate in the light of day, another is still hidden in the shadows. We follow Emiko Queen through an opening montage that would leave Oliver’s season one Hood green with envy, as she crosses off name after name on her list. It is only when she starts looking into a gentleman called William Glenmorgan that she runs into trouble.

She breaks into a security firm to gather further information when she is surprised by guards and shot in the shoulder. Emiko looks to René for help with her injury but is forced to reveal her identity in the process. Something about this interaction seems oddly familiar…

Despite initial reluctance Emiko eventually allows René a peak behind her stoic façade. Her mother was killed, and Emiko has embarked on a mission of revenge and justice. Having tracked the bullet which killed her mother back to Glenmorgan she believes to have reached the end of her journey when she captures the man and is about to shoot him. But he tells her he could not have murdered her mother as he wasn’t in the country for the past two years.

His alibi checks out and Emiko finds herself back at the start of her mission. With the help of René, who she accepts as her partner (and occasionally Curtis, or so it seems) she will find out who killed her mother and why, and she will bring them to justice.

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Oliver, now working as part of the SCPD, accompanies Dinah to the crime scene, where not everyone is happy about the addition to the force. He convinces Dinah to speed up the process and have Felicity look into the evidence they find, which reveals the shocking truth. The DNA found at the crime scene matches Robert Queen’ DNA and belongs to Oliver’s sister.

Oliver and Felicity follow a trail to a storage facility in Moira Queen’s name where, amongst hundreds of documents, they find a letter from Robert addressed to Walter Steele. In the letter Robert begs his friend to take care of his daughter Emiko and her mother, something which clearly never happened.

Oliver is deeply upset when he learns that his father did not only have a second family, but that he abandoned them without a second thought. He once again feels responsible for righting his father’s wrongs, and Felicity urges him to reach out to his sister.  The episode ends with Oliver finding his sister facing their father’s grave.

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Meanwhile, Lyla and John are working with Ricardo Diaz behind Oliver’s back in order to gather more information on the terrorist financier Dante, but Diaz refuses to cooperate. When John offers him his freedom for information, he gets in trouble with ARGUS, but claims wanting to reinforce the Suicide Squad, or Ghost Initiative, as it is now called. Lyla, angry that he went over her head on this decision and undermined her authority, still goes ahead and implements the explosive in Diaz’s spine, who promises he will come after her if things go sideways.

In the flash forward we are introduced to the current mayor of the Glades – René Ramirez. He is working alongside daughter Zoe (his Chief of Staff) to protect the Glades. When Zoe tells her father about the planned attack on Star City and begs him to use the Archer Program (an initiative that seems to have cleaned up the streets of the Glades) he refuses. No one was willing to save the Glades in the past, so the Glades have turned their back on Star City.

It is only after Dinah threatens physical violence that René hands over access to the program. While he is genuinely saddened by the news of Felicity Smoak’s death, he is well aware of the plan to level Star City, in fact, he is involved with the party planning it.

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Arrow returns with an episode that highlights the new woman in Oliver Queen’s life. While still a bit unclear how Robert Queen came to have a second family right under his wife’s and children’s noses, we now know her relationship to her father is barely existent.

Emiko might work with a list but unlike Oliver she does not do so to right her father’s wrongs, or to make her city a safer place but to revenge her mother’s death, which almost seems selfish in comparison. She has also opened up rather quickly to someone so far out of her comfort zone that her partnership with René feels oddly rushed.

It will be incredibly interesting to see the two siblings interact. Since Willa Holland departed the show as Thea Queen, Oliver has been missing a sibling to bond with. But truth be told, Thea will be irreplaceable. Still, there’s so many questions left when it comes to Emiko’s connection to Oliver. Why has she copied his suit and fighting style? And who taught her to fight? Does she know about Oliver’s past? Why has she only come to Star City now?

In the future it seems that the death of Felicity Smoak becomes more and more of a certainty, and isn’t that just too much to bear? Even worse: René has gone dark and joined the dark side of shady dudes in suites. Is this the darkest timeline? And can the Legends maybe save it? Please?

Favorite Lines:

Felicity: Some husbands bring their wives home flowers and mine brings me blood from a crime scene. They say romance is dead.

Emiko: My father gave this to my mother the last time he saw her. When I was a little kid we used this quilt to build play forts. We’d play so long that sometimes, we’d just fall asleep there. And before we closed our eyes, we always hoped for the same thing… That we’d wake up in the morning, go upstairs, and my father would be waiting for us.

Rene: I’m guessing he never was.

Catch Arrow Monday’s at 8/7ct on The CW.

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