Allen Leech Reveals The Downton Abbey Movie Will Give Tom Branson A More Fitting Ending

Credit: ITV/Nick Briggs

Over the course of six seasons, just like the Crawley family, Downton Abbey viewers around the world fell in love with family chauffeur, turned son-in-law, turned estate manager, Tom Branson. The kind, genuine, intelligent man was the perfect match for the Crawley’s youngest daughter Sybil and watching his relationship with the family develop following her death was one of the joys of the series. However, many felt dissatisfied with Tom’s ending in the TV series. Luckily for us, series star Allen Leech says this has been rectified in the upcoming movie.

Speaking recently to Hello! magazine, Leech explained, “When you think you have said goodbye to a character, to be able to go back is a gift. I felt, and I think a lot of the fans felt, that Tom never got the ending he deserved. I am happy to say I think he does in this”.

He continues, “Julian (Fellowes, showrunner) has given Tom such a lovely storyline that it does feel that, if this is when we finally say goodbye, this is the way to say it.”

Though keeping to form, he refused to disclose any further details about just what this storyline for Tom involves. What he was happy to chat about was returning to Downton and his Downton family, and how the cast’s first read through of the film had the feel of a big family reunion.

“It was wonderful to see everyone again when we did the first read through, to see Maggie Smith and Elizabeth McGovern and Jim Carter,” he stated. “It was like a family reunion and I wish it could have gone on longer.”

Little is known about the movie adaptation and even the teaser released last month did not really provide us with any clues. Based on earlier comments made by Leech during an interview on Sunday Brunch back in October, the story doesn’t pick up exactly where we left the family. “It picks up not too long after the series ended. So, time-wise, I think we’re eight or nine months after,” Allen said.

The Downton Abbey movie hits UK cinemas on September 13, followed by the US on September 20.

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